more stories in stupidity

23 August, 2016

continuing my stories of stupid things I’ve done… like placing hand in garbage disposal

Back in the food service day, there was a clogged drain, which is not good… and I figured, why spend money calling the plumber, when I know some basic chemistry? I knew that Drano is nasty stuff, and burns out the clog. But didn’t have any. But I did have bleach and ammonia. So, I mixed them both, knowing a violent chemical reaction would occur. It was just like living in a WWI trench, hot, humid, wet feet, tired, the feeling of your eyes & lungs being damaged.

Pro-tip. While it did make the kitchen dangerous, it did not unclog the drain. And in case you were wondering, sometimes it is proper professional vernacular when a plumber calls you a “dumb shit”.


yesterday’s sermon

22 August, 2016

sometimes, when there is a new preacher you get something different from a familiar text…

yesterday’s text was about Jesus feeding the 5000…

And of course, I was thinking about the logistics… OK, he had 12 workers, 5000 customers, …that’s about 400 customers per worker, let’s see, if you spend six seconds per customer… “here’s your bread, here’s your fish, thank you have a nice day” of course you’re gonna get the customer who wants the “un-miraculous entrée”, which will slow things down…anyway, should be able to get that line through the door in about 45 minutes. Not bad, Jesus, not bad.

But then the left overs issue… Jesus, when we have 12 baskets of leftovers, that really shows me you need to get better at predicting your meal counts. We can try to make space for this in the refrigerator, maybe we can call a charity to take it away, but processing all that left over food is also a drag on your labor costs.

yes, I’m horrible.



Fool for corn

21 August, 2016

MsS and MyBetterHalf went to Mainers.

So, spoke with friends at Church about “the perfect thing to say at funerals” and evidently they don’t teach that in seminary. Sigh.

Got home. Corn is ready at our favorite U-pick veggies farm…did the math, and if everything went perfect, me and the boys could make it there and back just in time to set up for MrC soccer party. Because, ya know, traffic was easy yesterday. MrG wanted to go. I really wanted to go. MrC didn’t but said “OK, but only pick four!”

We arrived and the boys had fun, we quickly filled two bags with corn. They did most the work, I just basked in the glory of maize.
They also grabbed some cucumbers as I wheeled the wheel barrow.

On drive home, I was giddy. And I taught the boys something they quickly caught on to, and enjoyed, change lyrics so the pop songs are aboot corn.

Rush home, rush through store, rush clean (the boys were pretty helpful, MrC more, MrG complained “this is why I don’t like to have people over”.

Traffic and all other timing issues worked according to plan. Which does not teach me to “plan for the worst”.

BBQ… And of course only the people I know from MrC team showed up. Oh well.

warm summers day

20 August, 2016

It was very warm today. MyBetterhalf and the childrens visited friends and bounced on the trampoline, while a sprinkle was underneath.

Me, I went to Tacoma, for my friend’s funeral. Because I’m a bad person, I left home a little late…which would have been OK, if, there was no traffic. Of course there’s traffic. I’m an idiot not to know that. I’m also an idiot to not check on the DOT for predicted slow-downs, for instance when they close three lanes of the freeway for construction.

Picked up my mom. We missed the service in the church. We went to the cemetery, but they weren’t there yet, and so I said, “let’s go get lunch and then go to the celebration of life at his brother’s house. We drove around South Tacoma for an hour, went and picked up my little sister, and then went to eat.

Eventually made it to the Celebration of Life.

I hate funerals. I never know what to say. I like hanging out with kids, because kids are kids and want to move and play and are sad for a bit, but kids seek the joy. My fall back when not sure what to do is make jokes. My jokes are usually horrible. And my off-the-cuff remarks are usually best taken with a grain of salt.

His brother, who I have seen in thirty years, quickly recognized me, we hugged for a miute and I said, “I’m so sorry.”  I didn’t say much. Retold the stories from my youth a couple times, the pinecone fight stories were alright. I listened to stories.

I hate funerals.





19 August, 2016

so…stupid things… so, I used to work in a kitchen… and we had an industrial strength garbage disposal. Sometimes, coffee cups would get stuck in it, and, then broken bits of ceramic would make it stuck. Easy fix, take out the chucks of ceramic….just stick your hand down there…

someone else’s bad day

18 August, 2016

OK… at least I didn’t do this.

I heard, recently, someone recently sent out “your green card application has been approved” to the wrong batch of people.

Luckily, my job is really not that important.

But I have done plenty of stupid things… maybe I’ll post on that tomorrow.



17 August, 2016

this evening, I skipped out of work early to go sailing on Lake Union

I’ve had better days

16 August, 2016

who am I to complain? No one, really…but, none the less… here I go.

Woke at 4AM from a freakin’ horrible no-good terrible freighting dream with tears in my eyes, singing a song “Oh my __” and “There, there __”  (the made up songs I sang to my childrens when they were babies) because that was comforting my child in my horrible dream. I checked on them. They were sleeping peacefully. I couldn’t go back to sleep.

This morning… MsS and MrC were butting heads. He made her cry by telling her she couldn’t have two snacks in her lunch, “only a snack and a treat!”  Later, she threatened him with “I’m going to throw away your favorite toy!”  He yelled back, “you don’t know what it is.”

Tonight, after soccer practice… MrG was so very sleepy, and had no energy to get off the sofa. He’s too big to carry. Not fun. Yelling and/or cajoling.

And, after all my tired childrens were in bed… all three of them came down stairs to say that one of their siblings was keeping them awake.

On the plus side, we discovered a new park this evening, and only were in it a bit, but Llandover Park seems really cool and needs to be explored more. The family was happy there.

And, OtterPops after soccer practice. I never liked OtterPops, until after a hot day of tennis this summer.

this evening

15 August, 2016

since MyBetterHalf was delayed getting home, we actually had the chance to eat dinner as a family. Yay!

She was delayed because we have a new car.

We took it for a test drive to a local park, where we all played with a soccer ball.

oh yeah…BTW… MyBetterHalf and I were able to watch “The Big Short” the other day, because the childrens were all away at different sleepovers.



the Lemon Problem

14 August, 2016

so…recently listened to Research On Religion podcast about Jewish peddlers in 19th century America. All mistakes and misunderstandings are mine, you should just go listen to the episode.

The Lemon Problem… the seller has more information than the buyer about a used car. So the seller could over price the car. So the buyer never wants to pay full price, because they don’t trust the seller. And since the seller is never trusted, the seller is never going to get the true value of their car. As you can see, this is why we never have used cars sold, because the seller can’t get true value because the buyer never has good information.

Wait. That’s not right. In the old days, we would take the car to a trusted mechanic, to get a better idea about the true value. Now, we can check on CarFacts (one of those disparaged “middle-men”, who get public information that any of us could get, but they gather lots of it, so it is value in bulk. Another note, we need to thank “middle-men” so that we can actually have an affordable dinner. Just think if you had to go find the butcher, wheat farmer, vegetable farmer…let alone the coffee grower!)

Trust…important. Banks. Car dealers. Grocery store. We need to know they will be there when something goes wrong. That’s why we don’t usually bank at Bob’s-Back-of-the-Bus-Bank-LLC.

So…Jewish peddlers.

Historically, Jewish people have been chased from many countries. So they tended to concentrate their wealth in something that is easy to transport. Diamonds, not factories. They were not readily welcomed into American communities…they dressed differently, they didn’t work on Saturdays, they ate differently.

Why didn’t they just adapt, and leave behind their traditions? Because the value they placed on belonging to their Jewish community. (Remember, they valued it so much they have been chased out of multiple countries.)

So, you have a group, portable wealth, keeping to their own community… a perfect job for a recent Jewish immigrant was peddler. Go out with some stuff, and you’re not gonna just keep the cash and rip off your boss, because you would be alone.

yeah…you should pro’lly just listen to the episode.











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