this morning

21 February, 2018

for some reason, the childrens wanted to slumber party in MrG’s loft/bedroom. We were surprised he agreed, because he likes his sleepy, and MrC is a loud night-owl.

This morning, they were all laughing together, because they were playing some computer game together.

Before I left for work, I reminded them to practice music. They wanted to play together, and I said sure, as long as they were playing their instruments.



Ezekiel 4

20 February, 2018

…so…I admit, I’m terrible, but just wondering … should a summary of Ezekiel 4

  • “My bad. You can use cow manure instead”
  • “I would do anything for God. But I won’t do that.”

Also, another funny of the chapter, there’s a hippy bread company, that sells bread based on “wheat, barley, beans, small peas, and millet seeds” like it’s a good thing. And, it’s kinda a punishment food, if I’m reading the scripture correctly.

The People of Sparks – Jeanne DuPrau

19 February, 2018

well… MrG said he wanted to read the next book after City of Ember… and, well, I finished it off in a few days.

Fun read.

Weird thing… the book, from 2004, dealing with the question “what should we do with refugees?” still seems relevant today. I liked how both sides, had pretty valid common sense points of “we need to keep our people safe”.

And remember kids, in agriculture, you have good years, and you have bad years.

problem solving

18 February, 2018

yesterday, (after a morning of chores, room cleaning, projects-with-parents, math music and reading) the childrens biked by themselves to the park. I followed along, walking, and was happy to see they were using good street crossing. They zipped around on the path for a bit, whilst I talked with my mom, and then wanted to bike through woods.

In the woods, they took the path less traveled, and had to cross a narrow bridge made from a couple of 4x8s. I asked how they did it. Teamwork. I wish I had been there to watch. I’m very proud of them, working together, without a parent around.

…and other stuff from yesterday…

Me and MrCuddles are very similar. Lots of interests and lots of projects, which leads to disorganization. Yesterday, I suggested to him, “since we are so much alike, we can help each other get organized.” He was happy to help me organize a bit, before he went to a sleepover.

MsSqueaky is inventing a math game, to help MrC with his multiplication. She told me she was surprised she got the highest grade possible in music. I told her I wasn’t, because she sounds good, and I have been surprised how quickly she is making good sounds. And she went off to a sleepover.

MrGrunty, the boy is in a “i don’t wanna do anything (except play on computer)” phase. He was very much against the family bike ride, but I forced him, and after a few minutes was very happy running around and playing with his siblings. He had fun biking at the park. I set up a play-date with one of his best friends from soccer. We brought a basketball and a couple soccer balls. I went to read, Esperanza Rising, while they played one on one. Soon, I saw they they were a team against another pair of boys. After an hour of play, MrG told me “that was fun”. Then they shot goals against each other.  Then back home to play Xbox soccer & football. Then back to Matthew’s, where I got caught up in watching a KingArthur movie. Yup, much better than letting him mope around all day.



Esperanza Rising

17 February, 2018

Ms Squeaky suggested I read Esperanza Rising by Pam Munoz Ryan, but warned me that there are sad parts.

Yup… start with the wonderful childhood of Esperanza…but then due to tragedies (note, that’s plural), she has to immigrate to America. To work on a farm. During the Great Depression.

Good read.

Is funny, MsS today told me she doesn’t like history. I said, “but Esperanza Rising is full of history!”

Out Of My Mind – Sharon M Draper

13 February, 2018

Out Of My Mind by Sharon M Draper.

MsS and MrG both read and liked this book. I liked it too. The parents were completely true, making parenting mistakes, yelling at kids for the wrong reasons. The kids were realistic. Maybe that’s the sad part of the story of Melody, the main character who can not talk, is how realistic everyone is in their interactions with her.




City of Ember

5 February, 2018

City of Ember by Jeanne DuPrau.

An entertaining read. Most fun part though has been talking with MrG aboot it.

I liked the reference to the Irish Potato Famine, tossed in the middle.

Something besides sports for discussion!



29 January, 2018

I quickly read Lindy West’s Shrill: Notes from a Loud Woman, and I’m glad I did.

The little tiny things I appreciated, her basketball references… talking about a person grabbing the Defensive Rebound when they change their long-held-opinion, or a quick “I can fix your jump shot”.

Bigger more important things, that she says so much better than I can:

Comics should punch up, not punch down. For example, the CEO shouldn’t make fun of the janitor at the company picnic roast.

And one of the most Jesus like things I’ve read recently, (and naturally from someone who doesn’t believe in God. Srsly my fellow Christians, what’s wrong with us?)

“It’s hard to be cold or cruel when you remember it’s hard to be a person.”

Good work, Ms. West. Thank you.


recently…like a few hours ago

28 January, 2018

today was a lazy morning Sunday.

The boys were playing Fifa on the xbox, and seeming to be enjoying each other. MsS, not allowed to play electronics, because she had her extra time last night when a friend was over late, and the boys had to go to bed on time. They were grumpy last night. It’s all fair and square today.

I spent some time w/ MrCuddles working on multiplication tables and reading.

We went to MrGrunty’s basketball game.

But, after dinner was teh best, the childrens kicked me out of my room, to have a “kids meeting”. Which involved singing, laughing, and trying to sneak past the parents who were reading in the living room, then scurrying away when caught. This went on for like 45 minutes. Then they were playing hide and seek. I don’t understand, I thought all the good places are known. But they were having fun. They asked me to play and I did. I got a little claustrophobic in one of my hiding spots. Fun was had.

Until bedtime.

Parents ruin all the fun, all the time.

recently Dec 2017

27 January, 2018

I think these stories are from last month…


MrG was asking aboot college, and study. I told him you should study 2 or 3 hours for each hour you spend in class. (Note to self!!! Once I find that time machine!)  We charted out a sample schedule for him. I played scenarios of his BFF wanting to “just go out for a burger” and how that easily can cut into your study time. And then another friend wants to see a movie. And sometimes, you study hard, and still mess up the exam. He tells me he wants to take Sundays off, just to relax. I said you could, but you have to build up the study on the other days of the week. We didn’t discuss sports or jobs.

MrC helped me bury a bird that we found in our flower bed. Pro’lly froze to death. (Which is why I think this was from December.) Later that day he helped me repair a chair with loose leg, and another chair where the seat had disconnected. Considering it’s a month later, and we’ve been using the chairs… I think we solved the problem.

Along the lines of solving a problem…took me way too long to get around to it…but I finally replaced the oven bake element. And, since it’s been about a month and we’ve cooked in the oven…I think I solved the problem.

MsS helped me build a hanger rack under her bed for her AmericanGirlDoll clothes. Then we need to adjust some hangers to make ’em smaller.

Today…which actually is from today… MyBetterHalf joined me in wrapping a heating duct in the crawl space. When we were done, I mentioned, “that will pro’lly save us a couple dollars a year in heating costs.” She wasn’t amused.