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“the Honors Class”

20 June, 2004

“The Honors Class” by Ben H. Yandell. Yandell is an honors mathematics graduate from Stanford who turned to poetry and writing. He tells the story of the solvers of Hilbert’s Problems.
In 1900, at an international math conference in Paris, german mathematician David Hilbert proposed to list of 23 problems “of deep significance…for the advance of mathematical science”. Yandell tells the story of the men, and a few women, who have helped solve the problems.
Did I understand most of the book? Hardly. But I consider it a worthwhile read. Yandell gives the advice to read like a mathematician. “If they don’t understand something (a state they are used to), they will keep reading in the hope that they will understand the next thing.” [pg. 5]



I like movies

18 June, 2004

People seem to say that I don’t like any movies. That’s not true. A few movies that I do like.


and so it begins

16 June, 2004

….well, I think the fad of blogs can die now that I have started