I was wrong & song of the day

I’ll admit it. I thought having blog, and putting up an entry every week would be easy. Hmm…guess not.
so…hat’s off to “Krusty & Otto”, they keep up the good work.

The other day at work, I was lucky enough to be listening to one of my not-bosses’s satilite radio, and heard the classic “Got the Time” by Anthrax. It was actually a moment to smile at work.
see also “No time this time” -the Police
“Time” -Pink Floyd

Once upon a time, I thought that I was a good writer. I was probably young and foolish, but I feel I have lost skill. It is like I have thoughts that I want to express, but I am just not articulate enough. I remember that feeling as a child, having an idea, but able to communicate it to others. Like when I tried convince my parents that the metric system was better than the english system. Or the time my cousin & I picketed our parents because the allowance rate was not keeping up with the inflation rate. Hopefully, this blogging will help get better at expressing my self.
Yes, I accept prayers from other people. In fact I can use all the prayers I can get.
Have others felt this way?

“So here I am, in the middle way, having had twenty years…
trying to learn to use words, and every attempt
Is a wholly new start, and a different kind of failure
Because one has only learnt to get the better of words
For the thing one no longer has to say…”
T.S.Elliot “East Coker”


One Response to “I was wrong & song of the day”

  1. sandee Says:

    I’ve never been a decent writer (obviously). This is really a learning process for me. Hey, look at it this way, you could win a prize (although, seriously, you have to be a good writer to write poorly on purpose)!


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