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Last time was easier

30 October, 2004

Hi, when it comes to the Presidential Election, I am one of those “idiot” undecided voters.
Last time it was so much easier, I had 5 issues that were important for me, and Ralph differed from Bush/Gore. Stopping the war on drugs, legalizing medical marijuana, not increasing the military budget, not pursuing a StarWars missle defense and against the death penalty. I had hoped that Ralph would get 5% of the national vote so the Greens could qualify for federal campaign funds. I did not get my wish.
I do not regret it. People like me did not cost AlGore the election. That boy couldn’t win his own state. ’nuff said.
But my, how things can change in four years. Ralph ain’t even a contender for my vote this time.
9/11 changed things.



14 October, 2004

I wanted a new job, so I could play for a winning team.


my b-day present

12 October, 2004

What more could I ask for….


what I’m reading now

11 October, 2004

Anyone else have this problem, biting off more than they can chew ?


kids are great

10 October, 2004

Jesus said, “..unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kindom of heaven.” Matthew 18:3


Hey Sports Fans

4 October, 2004

I have a new job…