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don’t tell my wife

23 May, 2005

If I have learned anything from “Desparate Housewives” and Bill Clinton, it’s that the key to a happy marriage is successfully keeping secrets.

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exam 2

16 May, 2005

exam 2 didn’t go quite as well as exam 1.

I think I’m dumb


Worse than menudo

12 May, 2005

Don’t you hate it when, you are on your lunch break, you sit down by the lake, you are about to study some math…


ex-cook’s help

10 May, 2005

so, once upon a time I had a cook’s help. Actually, quite a few. I needed alot of help.

Anyway, every now & then I get updates on what they are doing. And I am proud of their successes, I feel a tiny bit of pride, knowing that the skills they learned by cleaning a grill for me, they transfered to life skills. “…wax on, wax off….”

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exam 1

4 May, 2005

I failed.