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take a chance

26 September, 2005

…so I have been listening to ABBA for the past hour while working on the CSS.

I have added more links.
I unfortunately changed the color, something about a UN convention forbidding the colors I was using. Stoopid UN.
Now I have two books I am reading, but, the pictures seem to only show up in stoopid Internet Explorer, but not in Mozilla. What’s up with that??
How do I fix it?



the new look

26 September, 2005

Hey sports fans, sorry about the wonky bright pink.
My friend over at the Tiki Lodge was trying to school me on CSS, that’s a Cascading Style Sheet. So much to learn….

We picked this one up over at the CSS Zen Garden. It’s the “pretty in pink” style sheet, if you couldn’t geuss.

Well, I guess I best go make coffee for my co-workers.

I am crazy

25 September, 2005

Every now and then, some people decide they have too many books, and they gather them up in an airplane hanger in foist them off on the public. My better half used charms to talk me into going on Friday night. And what is more romantic than rummaging through used books on a Friday night?

And we went again on Sunday with a good friend. I had fun hanging out, chatting, seeing what books they got, but I blame them for me getting too many books. They should know that I have no self-control.

Boring list of books warning: Flashing Red



24 September, 2005

I believe that everyone has their own talents, and everyone has their own strengths.

If Sting were to sing off key, or if Shaq were to miss an uncontested dunk then that would be a clue that something was wrong.

weight issues warning. RED


Three from Dragon Lance

18 September, 2005

Once upon a time, Zorloc was our DM for a little play of Dungeons and Dragons. Our first adventure was in the Dragon Lance setting, and later I found out that we were basically playing out the plot to a book.


forrest green

12 September, 2005

messing around with style sheets