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what now?

30 November, 2005

I need guidance



The truth Hits everybody

30 November, 2005

Hey there sports fans, my story was finished at 49,934. There was nothing more to say.

the lyrics I heard as I finished:
I thought about it and my dream was broken
I clutch at images like dying breath
And I donít want to make a fuss about it
The only certain thing in life is death

Once again nice work by IR. We at GBatT appreciate the awesome amount of support that we’ve gotten over the past 30 days.

Thirty days I wrote every day for 30 days. I am kinda impressed with myself. As for the story, well, it started out poorly, the middle was bad, and the less we say about the end the better. But besides that, it was terrible.
[thanks BlackAdder]

chart warning: indigo


I need help

30 November, 2005

this will be difficult:


last day

30 November, 2005

Sophie woke me up this morning so I could write. I think she likes the part about the mountain lion.

Funny thing happened, the breaker for the power for the side of the house where the computer is, got flipped. Fortunately my computer is smart enough to save more frequently than I do, and I didn’t lose any of this mornings progress.

Yes. I have just made a back up.

16 hours left of this _____ called NaNoWriMo.
Current word count warning: yellow


NaNoWriMo day 29

29 November, 2005



50 hours left

28 November, 2005

so very sleepy
I’m gonna call it a day
40,184 words total

72 hours left

28 November, 2005

current word count: 37,961

oops sorry

27 November, 2005

Hey sports fans, sorry I forgot to post my progress yesterday.
Looks like the habit of daily posting during NaNoWriMo died easy enough.

yesterday I quit at a word total of 34,227

right now I am at 36,926 I may try to get a bit more tonight.

We would like to thank Indecisive Ramblings for charting our progress. It is so nice to get props, and we thank IR for their much appreciated encouragement.

I only need a bit more than 14 thousand words in the next 74 hours. Now if only I could give up work and sleep.

I thought I had run out of story, but I just threw a wrench in my heroes’ plans.


Black Friday pt 6

25 November, 2005

well, I didn’t get into the black today
current word count 30,888

I have muscle insertion and origins to learn.
Why, oh why am I such a procrastinator?

Black Friday pt 5

25 November, 2005

30,384 words