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quote of the day

25 January, 2006

it just makes me giggle:
“…’the West Wing’ was just like John Kerry fan fiction.”
Stephen Colbert


resolution progress

22 January, 2006

Hey there sportsfans!
A while ago, there was a New Year, a time that people make promises to be better. I did.

progress report warning: C Major


Tetris failure

17 January, 2006

So we have two wonderful kitties that we spoil.
My better half and I have been searching for the perfect sky scrapper for them to play on. Finally we found one at our friendly neighborhood Costco.

Unfortunately it did not fit in the car. We tried. Several ways. I hate not being able to do something simple, like take home something I bought.

Much thanx to Zorloc for rescueing us, and helping us get the kitty tower home.

Thank you Zorloc for
all you do, and for a place
to host our blogs too.

besser spat als gar nicht

17 January, 2006

you know, after I nagged a friend today about not being punctual…

Yes sportsfans, we have it, GBatT is actually putting dots on the screen with a few New Year’s Resolutions. I used to be a bit nervous about telling folks about my goals/dreams/resolutions, but I gotta say, it was helpful to have Imperium[geeks] encouraging me during NaNoWriMo.

say you want a resolution warning: C#


Guns, Germs & Steel

17 January, 2006

…finally I finished “Guns, Germs & Steel
I’ll give it an A-

It starts with the question, “why do white people have so much economic power?”

The basic answer: lucky geography.
I recommend reading it. Diamond is a decent writer, especially considering he’s a scientist. Then lets talk.

And I have a copy of my own now. Guess I better give my boss‘s back to her.

I hope to post an indepth review.

couple of movies

14 January, 2006

I saw “March of the Penguins”
It was nice enough, educational and fun at parts, sad at parts. I’ll give it a B.

I saw “Miracle” a movie about a US hockey team. If you know the end, it kinda takes out the suspense. I was entertained during it, but the more I think about it, the worse the movie was. I will give it a C- before I think about it anymore.
We never got to know the players. We never saw how the coach dealt with basically abandoning his family while coaching. The games had too many shots of the crowd for crowd reaction. Look, I know it’s exciting, I don’t need to see the fans to realize it.
Don’t see this movie. If there is a documentary on PBS about the team watch that. Or might I recommend …


good news

13 January, 2006

from our dismal friends at the Economist, pointing out a bit of good news in a troubled region

Picture warning: yes


and to round out the evening

2 January, 2006

from the Buffy universe, this one surprised me, I am most like Angle. I would have thought Xander, or maybe Willow.



2 January, 2006

I also took the Lover Style Profile Test


I am Patriotic

2 January, 2006

You scored 90% US Philosophy, 84% American Pride, 66% Involvement, and 100% Citizen Status!

this from the Are You a Patriotic American Test