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27 February, 2006

Once upon a time a group of [geeks] got me something good.

“Best Prank Ever”

“Local boy makes ‘good’ coffee”

“Economics of Walmart”

…well sportsfans, please, read and discuss.


5 February, 2006

The book is allegedly “a cross between Buffy & LotR”.
I want to go into the business of writing book blurbs, you can be less accurate than a weather man.

My blurb for Dhampir would be, “Do you vampires? Strong heroines? Dogs that save the day? Then have fun reading this decently crafted tale.” Gee, I guess that makes it a cross between Dracula, Aliens and Benji.

Or, “What happens when a pretend hero has to become a real hero.” Gee, I guess that makes the book like Star Wars (Han Solo).

I will give the book a B

more rambling review, maybe a spoiler waring: A# lydian