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V is for silly

19 March, 2006

…yeah, it doesn’t make sense, but neither did the movie.

Once again we in the audience are blasted with special effects in order to distract us from a bad story.

“V for Vendetta” based off a comic book from Margaret Thatcher’s England. And once again, I gotta say “the Incredibles” has ruined alot of comic books.
remember “NO CAPES!”
also V goes around “grandstanding” (making big speeches while he/she is about to do something climatic)
I think that “the Incredibles” should be required viewing for anyone making a comic book movie…and learn a few lessons from it.

grade: C
spoiler warning: Red




5 March, 2006

Lent…I decided to forgo it.
I figure there was no spiritual benefit to doing it*.
And I have previously proved that I can go w/o caffeine for 40 days.

resolutino progresso

1) run twice a week still at 1.7 times a week
2) study 15 hrs a week up a bit to 4.8 hrs/week
3) publish novel negotiations fell through with first “publishers”, starting negotiations with another, not for profit printer
4) write 300 words a day slightly up at 107 words/day


Happy Lent

1 March, 2006

I know it ain’t much in the grand scheme of sacrifice, but I’ll be giving up caffeine, (Coke, coffee, chocolate).

I know, I should pro’lly give up spite.

my boss says if I can give up chocolate, she can give up alcohol