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woo hoo women

22 April, 2006

We at GBatT would like to thank women.

This time in particular we would like to thank your contributions to the global economy.

Women make better investors.
Girls are better students.
(Women are less criminal too.)

“…over the past decade or so, the increased employment of women in developed economies has contributed much more to global growth than China has.”


Back Dorm Boys

22 April, 2006

This story I find very encouraging.

It’s about some college students in China, being silly, putting it on the web, and becoming famous. This is great. I think this is more of what China needs, the chance for it’s people to be silly. And for grassroots celebrity.

Now if only China can do something productive with the huge numbers of rural poor. Something crazy, like, maybe let peasants own land?

viva Wisconsin

19 April, 2006

Recently, I went to Wisconsin to be part of a wonderful wedding of a very good friend, and a new friend. We were glad to be a part of the wedding. It was an honor and privilege to serve.

I learned a few things over there.

They don’t recycle as much as we do around here. It seems here there is a recycle bin next to every trash bin. Not so much there. And the restaurants used a bit more Styrofoam that they do over here.

And speaking of restaurants, they still have smoking sections. Usually separate from the non-smoking sections by at least 5 feet and a walkway. It was strange to be eating, with the smell of cigarettes in the air.

An exception of that was at an awesome bar in Kenosha. Kenosha has a no smoking in resturaunts policy. (Fab decor, scroll down on the link)

We noticed that a lot of the motorcyclists did not wear helmets. We were surprised and asked, “that’s not a law??” The response was, “Harley wouldn’t allow that to pass.”

The Field Museum is awesome. I got to see Sue. (yes, we know Chicago is not in Wisconsin)

I learned that the airlines are serious about a 50-pound limit on luggage. So, while checking in we had to unpack a suitcase to get it under the limit. One of the things we unpacked was a new Maglite flashlight set with batteries. I stowed it in my carry on backpack.
I learned that when going through a security checkpoint, that a Maglite flashlight with a set of batteries looks very suspicious in the x-ray machine. So I got the pleasure of being pulled aside, without my shoes, while they swabbed my backpack, examined the flashlight, looked at me, examined the batteries.

I also learned that my new friend has a whole lot of friends that love her very much because she is such a great person.