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some long essays

26 May, 2006

some longish essays by some computer programmer dude, alot about how we as a society educate our children

“Why Nerds are Unpopular”

“How to Do What You Love”

“The Age of the Essay”

great weekend, but

15 May, 2006

started with a not-boss giving me a bottle of wine.
Played a silly game with friends on Friday night.
Saturday, relaxed, played in my garden, studied, then went to fancy yummy dinner and then pool for post-bachelor party. We were great at avoiding those holes on the table.
Sunday, long run, nice walk through park, then post-b-day-BBQ.


it’s been awhile

13 May, 2006

First, I learned last night that tarantulas can climb up a glass window. I tried not to watch. But I couldn’t turn away. I wonder if tarantulas can crawl across the ceiling. Crap! I am never gonna be able to get to sleep now.

I saw “Thank you for smoking“.
I was entertained.
I give it a B+

I am slowly getting back into shape. Been on a couple of 6 mile jogs w/ SnarkyKat, and I lived.

I read “the Shattered Land” book 2 in I suppose a trilogy. Easy read. But it bored me. I don’t care about the characters. And when a diety has to rescue them twice, I’m thinking poor writing/they don’t deserve to be heroes.
I give it a C-