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the Bible & genocide

29 July, 2006

I was asked about how I feel about the commandments of genocide that the Hebrews were given in the Old Testament.

So, what follows is my perspective on the issue. Remember sports fans that I am a Christian.


u don’t want to read this

29 July, 2006

can’t seem to be get to sleep…


growing up

8 July, 2006

Hospital bed make people look small. I remember that when I visited my sister a few years ago. I saw that again tonight with my mom. It was kinda surreal, in my mind my mom is the adult, and I’m the kid, and thus, she’s bigger than me. It ain’t true. But it still kinda weirds me out a bit, even though I’ve been taller than my mom for most of my life.

We at GBatT would like to thank the tireless professionals that work in hospitals. It seems to me a sad place to work. The staff we talked to tonight was very nice and calm, even though they have to deal with life/death customers all shift.

The feeling of helplessness while a loved one is in intensive care is bad. But also, is the feeling of not knowing what to do. And it’s so easy to get lost, it’s kinda like first day at new school. Don’t know where anything is. A few official people are ultra-polite, other people stare at you. Helpless & knowledgeless.

Today, my mom was feeling ill. Around 5pm she had a bad seizure, and my Dad & little sister called 911. They took her to hospital, but had to restrain her because she was fighting them. My dad did not like to see that.

Little Sister called us, my sister & her husband, and we all converged on the hospital.

So we sat around for a few hours in a small family waiting room, catching up, talking, telling funny stories. Around midnight we had run out of small talk, and we were sleepy. Then the awkward silence, punctuated by the buzz of the fluorescent light.

Around 1am Little Sister informed us that they were moving Mom up to the ICU. And we followed her. Funny, the seventeen year old spoke with authority, and we sheeped right along.

At the new waiting area there was more room to stretch out and most people tried to get some sleep. After about an hour a nurse came to get the immediate family.

We were briefed (please forgive if I got any of this wrong):
Mom has a breathing tube, they will try to extract in the morning.
From lumbar test…negative menigitus, negative influenza.
No results yet from CT and other tests.
From blood enzymes they believe she had a heart attack, not sure when. Will investigate.
Currently her heart rhythm and blood pressure are good.

The nurse told us “not much you can do here. We will know more in the morning.” And that allowed permission to go back home and get some sleep in a bed.

On way out the nurse asked, “do you know how to get out.” Little Sister said yes. But she took a wrong turn and we sheeped into the wrong waiting area. Well, she had been right before.


1 July, 2006

one can only hope