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My day at work

31 August, 2006

It must be my double-plus-good-ultra-charm that brings people to confide in me.
Sometimes it makes me wonder, sometimes it makes me sad.

First, someone came up to me and started talking to me about the Iraq war and why itís illegal. This is because of a young Lt. Watada.

I kinda like political arguments, usually I think theyíre fun if people donít get emotionally involved. But ya see, hereís the thing people get emotionally involved. I donít think that the office is the best place to have a debate, especially since Iím like, supposed to be working and stuff. That was one of the few nice things about working in a dorm kitchen, the students love to BS. And, ya donít get in trouble for talking if youíre still flipping the burgers.
But hereís the other thing. Iím not so much the MasterDebator. I can think better if Iíve got time to think it over. I mean look at how sloppy the writing is in this blog, in conversation thereís more ďuhĒ Ö ďyeah, butĒ and fewer footnotes/references. I consol myself for lack of oratory prowess, by thinking that the great thinkers of history are usually known for their writings, not for their speeches. Well, except for Jesus, He didnít write anything. (Unless Dan Brown knows something that I donít.)
AnywhoÖas you can probably tell, I donít believe that the current war in Iraq is illegal. Yes, it seems to be horribly mismanaged. Yes, I agree that not following the Geneva Convention for ďenemy combatantsĒ is foolish and wrong. But I also think the world is a better place with Saddam in a jail cell, Iím sure the Kurds agree with me.
I think if people truly believed in the whole civil disobedience thing, I think they would be like Thoreau and not pay their taxes. Thatís sticking it to The Man. Cuz we all know that we need tax money to run a war. (Insert rant about runaway spending by stoopid Republican Congress. What about the balanced budget Newt promised??)

Second, Iím back up for our receptionist. So I got the call. The caller told me he was a scientist, and had a DVM & PhD. Then he explained that he had a talking dog.


move over Ansel

24 August, 2006

I got a new favorite photographer.
Her name is Zoe.
She works with a camera phone.


Gig #2 recap

20 August, 2006

well, yesterday was the Lu’au…

I cooked up some pre-marinated Costco pork and then tossed it on the smoker for a bit. The tasty bit for me was using the dripping for cooking up some cabbage. Food preperation, I took the lazy route.

Me & Blub coerced people into letting us play music.

“Ballard Lu’au” Blub wrote that song on Thursday, it was a fun way to start our performance, AND a thank you song to the host. The song really relaxed me.

“CreequeAlley” by the Momas & the Poppas
“Cry Baby Cry” by the Beattles.
Both of these songs have lots of non-sense verses, lots of work for our poor singer to memorize the songs. And in case you were wondering, yes it is easy to mix up Sophmore & Swathmore. Fortunately, I don’t think anyone actually knows all the lyrics. So, I will say that she nailed it. I was happy, the performance was actually the best I’ve ever played “CryBabyCry”.

(I tell you what, we had a rehearsal on Friday. And we were terrible. Nothing worked. )

Then we played the 3 songs of hers that we know.
“Silverspoon Papercup”
“Laundry Room Movies”
“Not Picasso”
In general, we were happy with our performance. (Naturally we’ll nitpick)
I don’t think I looked at the audience once.


13 August, 2006

So, one of the great things about cleaning out the shed, is sometimes, you can convince your friends to take your junk. Ha-ha!

today I:
a) rehearsed w/ Blub, because we have a gig at an upcoming Lu’au.
b) cleaned some junk out of shed & foisted it off on my boss
c) got my better half to clean some junk out of a closet & foised it off on my boss
d) fixed a piece of furniture
e) finally transplanted some strawberries
f) got the smoker prepped for the Lu’au

It almost makes up for icky yesterday.

DANG-IT….I just checked. I thought we had some yummy minty-green chocolate chip mint ice-cream. (Hence the title of this entry.) But no.
Looks like I’ll have to reward myself with rocky-road icecream.

Death to me

12 August, 2006

SnarkyKat is trying to kill me.