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31 October, 2006

Here’s the thing….I heart math. I really do. I see the beauty and poetry of it, it seems like magic, but anyone can join the world of math. I’m just not very good at it. Now I suspect I’m not very good at it because either a) I’m not smart enough, or b) I don’t put the work in.

Work is important. For example, Ichiro, one of the best hitters in baseball I hear puts in hours of practice in batting practice.

I don’t want to accept that I’m not smart enough to do math. Cuz, for better or worse, when I was a kid, someone told me I was smart. And being a foolish kid, thinking that adults actually are truthful and/or know things, I believed them. Since then I’ve had a few tiny examples where I actually think it is proof that I am smart. But I have lots more examples of being dumb. For instance my scars from crossing the street. But maybe that is lack of wisdom, or lack of street smarts.

And remember, I believe anyone can enter the world of mathematics.

Wanting to be smart, I want to prove to myself that I can accomplish something that is intellectually challenging. Like math. So, my college transcripts are littered with Fails and Withdrawls and NoCredits from various calculus classes. One of my life goals is to finish the first year calculus series. (I already have “written” a novel, and “run” a marathon.) So I keep signing up for math classes.

Now, a few years ago, I took a pre-calc class. I did pretty decently. I followed with 1st quarter of calculus, and I think I learned a thing or two, and I actually got like a B out of it for a grade. (Not that I trust grades automatically mean anything.) But, I relaxed, and had a month off, and bought a house, then signed up for 2nd quarter, and was moving and stuff and not studying, and after the first exam, realized, “wow, I need to study, I don’t remember much from 3 months ago.” Had to drop it. But hey sportsfans…I was doing OK in math for like two quarters. There is a glimmer of hope for me.

Last year…cuz people at my work do biology stuff, I took an Anatomy/Physiology class. It was fun, I like the prof, I got a B-. So then I took part 2, same prof, same great time, this time I got B. The prof taught an ecology class in the spring, hey I like bugs, I got a either a B+ or A-. Notice, grades going up. It was fun, I was learning. Biology is cool. To keep in mental shape I took “tough” Microbiology course in the summer. I got an A-, and remember my thought on grades, well, here’s proof, the teacher was horrible, I didn’t learn much, (not really proud of myself for that, heck, I knew what I should be doing even if the exams were like pieces of candy).

I am trying to learn how to focus. But a lifetime of letting my mind wander don’t really help the old memorize the stages of photosynthesis.

Which leads us to today. Well, this quarter. Since I’m an old man, I got to get a move on, I foolishly decided to take chemistry & Biology. Idiot. I have friends that have done more, I don’t know how, maybe they’re super-heroes. But I have to stick with my plan, because a) push myself/learn discipline/carpe diem b) time’s a wastin’, I need a Bachelors degree at least to pad my resume, especially in the town I live in, and c) most importantly, I bought the books, and can’t return them, and am getting a little tired of having to buy a new edition every couple of years. Sometime I should show you my collection of first year calculus books.

Today, sadly, not dressed up as a tie-rack at work for Halloween. I am vacationing to study for my Bio exam tonight.

Here’s the problem.
NaNoWriMo starts in less than 12 hours.
My friends are doing it. I wanna do it (again) too.

Let’s see this entry is 729 words, I wrote it in 23 minutes. So I would need 50+ minutes a day of writing.

Only a fool would try.


Lu’au Pork

29 October, 2006

…as you may know, I’ve been trying to cook a smoked pork, Lu’au style that I like. I keep getting closer, but so far not what I want. But recently I got another dose of knowledge.

I friend from long ago just had a wedding Lu’au reception.
the pork was the yum, ….smoky, tender, flaky, tasty, moist

recently I read that BBQ was created to deal with a real problem, poor dental hygene, leading to lack of teeth, so the meat had to fall off the bone…and poor cuts of meat, because you were poor and had to eat the entire pig, so the long process to make it tender…

my friend, he cooked the pork the day before, and the day of Lu’au put the pork, wrapped in banannananna leaves, in a home made smoker. I believe he got instructions from Alton Brown.

The best part. The smoker was a big cardboard box.. The pork was on a rack in the box. He put a hot plate w/ applewood chips in a pan in the box, had a small fan in the box, and every now and then would open the box for oxygen.


VMars 3.02

14 October, 2006

Who do you trust?

Favorite Quote: “You’re breaking out. I’m breaking in. Star-crossed.”


Lost 3.02

14 October, 2006

Who do you trust?

Well, on the Island, everyone has a secret. Even the Island has a secret. It’s like a great big old onion of secrets. Or a parfait of secrets.



12 October, 2006

National Novel Writing Month

You can do it! We have talked about it.

and you, I know you got crazy plans…

and you, you know you want to, you really really do…

and you, what else are you doing these days?…

and I think you can too. (yes, I am talking to you my dear sports fans.)


Lost 3.01

6 October, 2006

I gotta say, I’m starting to feel that the show is a bit of a chore. If it didn’t come back on the air, I don’t think I much would care.

But it’s back.
(Notice, they didn’t change their theme-song.)



VMars 3.01

6 October, 2006

Along time ago
We used to have a theme song
But it hasn’t rocked much lately

What the freck?!? I am always nervous when they change the theme song. Drew Carey show started to go down hill when it changed.

Did MASH ever change theme song?

Dear producers, don’t change the theme song. Use your muscle, toss the band a royalty point so you have rights in perpetuity instead of a cash payment for a couple of years. Then, if the show gets canceled, you owe nothing. And if it makes it big, they still get money.


So about the episode…
spoilers follow


pop quiz

5 October, 2006

…there’s nothing like a pop quiz to destroy some one’s sense of confidence.
Good thing it was just a quiz, and not a midterm.