V-mars latest cliff hanger

well…I’m behind on blogging my reviews of V-Mars
But I think I have caught up on viewing of the v-mars
(notice how I am putting snow days to good academic use)

So, if you don’t know who has been committing the rapes on campus, don’t read anymore.

Spoiler alert.

…so, the Dean has been murdered.

the suspects
1) Eli…because he’s a minority with a record.
2) His wife, because she’s banging the criminology prof.
3) The criminology prof, because he’s banging the Dean’s wife.
4) The scary girl from Lilith house, because the Dean let the frats back on campus.
5) The people the Dean owes gambling money too.
6) The wife’s ex-husband, because he got coerced into giving up a kidney.
7) Veronica, because the Sheriff hates her.
8) the Dean committed suicide (also known as Selbstmord…or “self murder” in German.)

We don’t know about the confrontation between the Dean, his wife, and her lover. It looked like the Dean took a loaded gun there, knocked on the door and said, “can I come in?” So maybe he killed them. And then suicide. Which would be simple, reasonable & predictable. So I don’t think so.

Veronica? Well, unpredictable from an audience perspective. Little motive, and her alibi of fending off an attacker is pro’lly solid. But the sheriff does hate her.

Eli? Yes, he will get blamed. He will spend time in jail; he’ll lose his job for being a suspect, or for when the new Dean doesn’t like him. Too bad, he’s trying to turn his life around. And sheriff hates him.

Scary girl. She hates him/has motive. But pro’lly has alibi of taking home drunk girls. I’m betting the sheriff doesn’t really like her.

Dean has gambling debts for betting on the fights? Another Red herring.

Wife. Not sensible, and she seems like a very sensible woman. Well, sensible enough to ditch a loser, marry someone financially secure, have a discrete affair (and she would have gotten away with it too if it hadn’t been for that meddling Veronica Mars!)….

The Prof…well, I’m sure he’s popular enough to keep his job even if the Dean hates him.

Wife’s ex-husband…red herring. I think he feels paid off, he gave kidney, no more alimony.

So…that leaves us the person I think killed the dean….(And if I’m right, I may have to quit watching the show.)

The TA for the Criminology prof killed the Dean.
Why? He hates the Criminology prof and is wanting to frame him.
The TA had a perfect alibi…he went to a frat party, lots of witnesses, to confront his girlfriend that was cheating on him with Dick. (And evidently he had been tracking how many frat boys she had been cheating on with.)
TA has practice of “perfect murder” that’s part of the Professors teaching plans.
TA had Veronica come in to see him to correct a few errors in V’s paper…but was late…so she got time to look at TA suspect board (which V thinks is for rape suspects), and the cheating girlfriend showed up just in time for V to meet the cheating girlfriend.
The TA knew that the prof was banging the Dean’s wife…and set it up so that Veronica would find out about it.
Perfect murder, have some one else be the suspect and take the rap.
TA had nothing against the dean, so the local sherrif will think no motive.


6 Responses to “V-mars latest cliff hanger”

  1. Heather Says:

    That’s a pretty good guess. I’m curious what’s going to happen with Logan in the jail with the rapist guy and his friend. You didn’t talk about the rapist guy and his friend in this post.

  2. Michelle Says:

    Yeah, I’m compeltely uninterested in whodunnit with the Dean, but my Logan crush doubled, at least, with that last scene 🙂

  3. Michelle Says:

    You know what’s boring about GBAtT’s blog? They never reply to comments 😉

  4. :-jon Says:

    yeah…it was nice Loganism…getting tossed in jail. Almost makes me think he’s an alright guy. Except he was the accompliss to a Mexican Hotel arson.

  5. Michelle Says:

    It wasn’t an arson, it was an accident. That he didn’t cause. Was the right thing to do to run away instead of trying to help get people out? No. But it was a pretty understandable panic reaction.

    The thing that makes Logan so interesting as a character are all of these contradictions. Bad Boy with a heart of gold 😉

    You know, that reminds me, I stopped watching Smallville and missed the point when Lex went from a similar state to Pure EEEEEEVil. I’ll have to catch up. ’cause now he’s just boring. Hot, but boring.

  6. kelly Says:

    So, does this mean you have to stop watching now? I hope not.

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