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2006 GBAtT year in review

29 December, 2006

Well, I made some resolutions, and I did not keep them.
I finished a half-marathon. (Notice I didn’t say “ran”, grumble…grumble.)

I successfully finished 5 classes. Thatís good. Maybe someday Iíll get some sorta college degree. (Don’t tell anyone…I kinda wanna take a math class.)

I performed in two big gigs, a couple of minor gigs with a friend. Those were fun. I am glad to be making music again. I missed that part of my life. Currently a ďbigĒ gig for us is about a dozen in the audience. So far, at my suggestion, we have been taking turns in picking the set list, the order, and the arrangement. It gives each of a chance to be in charge, and avoids the whole committee of creativity, which can lead to hurt egos or nothing being done. I donít think she likes so much being in charge, but itís a learning experience for her. Also, I think it exposes us to learning new songs we wouldnít have chosen on our own.

I went to Wisconsin for a wedding. That was lots of fun. It seems the older I get, the more I enjoy weddings. I just donít think I got it when I was young.

But the best part of 2006 is knowing that our twins are on the way.

Best Boxing Day Ever

26 December, 2006

This year, I didn’t care so much for Christmas. Even less than normal. We did convince our parents and youngest siblings to visit us, and we all with a couple of friends, celebrated X-mas eve together. I even got a compliment on keeping the kitchen clean as I was going along, “really being on his game.” Yeah, finally after not being a cook for more than four years I finally learn “clean as you go.” And they say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

But Boxing Day was what I was really excited about because…


dancing girls doing math with fuzzy slippers

10 December, 2006

fuzzy slippers 3.bmp

yes sports fans, you asked for it, we delivered it



6 December, 2006

Hey sport’s fans!!!!

How the heck you doing out there??

I’ve been thinking of ways to make GBAtT a better place to spend your valuable time.

Now how could I best do that?