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VMars 3.10 “show me the monkey”

27 January, 2007

OMG, there’s like, a mystery of like a stolen monkey.
Fortunately my better half was next to me to remind me who was who during the latest installment of Veronica Mars.

One interesting thing, Keith found V one day on the middle of campus. She asked how, since her cell phone was off. Keith response “I’ll tell you when you’re older.” Is Keith got surveillance equipment hidden on her shoes? Or was it he was just wandering around being a Private Eye on campus and eventually found his daughter.

Spoilers follow


I wonder

26 January, 2007

moments ago, on my page, I saw two headlines….

“Microsoft records record revenue”
“Ford records record loss”

I wonder…how long will Microsoft stay on top?

Good news

23 January, 2007

Measles are killing less than they used to.
It’s the small victories, in the hope that someday, children everywhere can grow up healthy.

I heart pop music

23 January, 2007

My latest find is Regina Spektor singing “Fidelity”.
When I first heard it, I thought it was Bjork. But, no, I figured after a minute, not weird enough. I like the use of pizzicato in a pop song, and the arranger realizes that string players always want to rush the pizzicato, so it’s written to sound as if it’s rushing.
And I like strange vocal things she does on the chorus, trying to make her voice sound like it is also plunking while yodeling.

Gig with twang!

1 January, 2007

Can I get little “howdy”?
Can I get a medium size “yahoo !”?
And can I get a Big OL’ South Tacoma “Yippee-ki-yay!!!!”

And that’s how we started off the gig today with a little bit of call-and-response with the audience. It went pretty good, decent enough turn out, about two-dozen. The mistakes were minor. We got PM singing a tune all by his lonesome.

This gig was Blub’s turn to pick the set list. Most the time it was me and Blub on guitars, and Blub singing, ‘cuz her voice is all pretty soundin’.

Set List:

“Older” by They Might Be Giants (me & PM sang, me on drum, PM on bass)
“Fools Names” by Blub
“Jolene” by the one, the only, Ms. Dolly Parton (PM on bass)
“Cigarette” by Blub
“Old 97” traditional (?)
“Bob” by Weird Al Yankovic, (I sang, PM on bass, I attempted slide guitar)
“Put another log on the Fire” S. Silversteen (PM & I sang, PM bass)
“Rock Candy Mountain” traditional (?) ….(PM sang )
“Day Dream Believer” the Monkeys (no guitar from Blub)

the encore

“Creque Alley” the Momas & the Papas (Blub on Amazon flute solo & PM on panpipe solo)
…and I got her to sing & play what is the crowd favorite… “Not Picasso” by Blub