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Q from B

25 March, 2007

questions from our good friend Blub

1.What was the worst job you ever had and why?
Location is everything. Once, when I was a young dishwasher, growing up in the wilds of the Northwest, I had a summer dishwashing gig at a waterfront eatery. The kitchen was a kitchen in the summer, full of flies, hot, humid, with a few bees. There was one window, so we couldn’t get a cross breeze going, but we could see out on the lake all the beautiful people playing and swimming and canoeing. I don’t particularly care for a constant reminder of how fun non-work is while I’m working.
Either that or telemarketing. But I only did that for 50 minutes. I had to quit, I felt like I was bothering people.

2. Who is your favorite historical figure?
Jesus. But that’s like saying “God’s my favorite.” We’ll keep the contest to mortals.
My wife. My favorite history has been with her. And I like her figure.
Oh, that’s not what you meant either….I guess I will go with Paul Erdos. Or Ben Franklin. Or Poincare.

3. If time, money and knowledge were no issue, what would you be doing with your life?
Dream job…Supreme Court Justice, or UNC basketball coach. Or I suppose…wake up, do some science-y thing with a team I enjoy. Later in the evening do some music-y thing.

4. Please tell me about losing your teeth when you were a child. Did the tooth fairy come? Did u pull them out yourself? Did u have help from your family or friends? Did you try the string and door trick?
Yeah, the tooth fairy brought money. I think. I don’t really remember. Once I tried to tie a loose tooth to a door knob, but the tooth fell out before I could complete the task. A couple of times a parent would pull the tooth. I may have swallowed a few.

5. What is your favorite place to go when you want to be alone?
The library or on a nice long run through the woods.


VMars & Lost

3 March, 2007

more Hurley back story…
I think I’ve figured it out…the writers of lost took a bunch of interesting what if scenarios with some interesting characters…and put them on mystery island.

In this weeks episode…what if you had the worst luck in the world? But you just won a mega-lottery. Well, they don’t deal to much with it, they just show the destruction that follows Hurley around. And the islanders get a hippie car.

Best part, Hurley to Sawyer, “…Because, I said so…red…neck…man…”
Sawyer, “touche.”

who killed the Dean??