I gotta say, when you have reached a certain level of success in the world, you can be known by your first name. Like Tiger, or Oprah, or Elvis. Ms Hillary Clinton has achieved that. Nonetheless, she ain’t got my vote.

Granted, I ain’t watching the political races too much right now. My plate is kinda full of poopy diapers. Which if you think of it, is kinda what the candidates are offering us. But Hillary loses my vote because of her Soprano’s spoof video, done I’m sure all in good fun.

First, she wants to be like a crime boss? Is that good symbolism? Tony Soprano is a criminal, murdering, violent man who cheats on his wife, and kills family members. That’s who she wants to identify with?

Second, she has Celine Dion’s “You and I” as the campaign’s official theme song. Ms Dion is Canadian!! There were no American singers available? And it was chosen by a web-contest? What this tells me is that Hillary wants to be popular. A theme song is supposed to inspire, to let us know what you believe in. Hillary tells me that she wants a popular song, and that she doesn’t have enough confidence to voice an opinion on a song she likes.

A better choice: “Respect”. Picture this, the song plays, the crowd is fired up, Hillary enters and starts with, “For too long, the American people have been lied to…for too long, politicians think they know better than you do…. I want to tell them something, I respect the American people, and I trust them more than I trust the politicians.” OK, that won’t work, because first…it reminds us about Bill lying to us about Monica. Also, I don’t think she trusts us, I think she has more government programs designed to help protect us from ourselves.

For another reason not to vote for her, please see our good friend Newscat


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