Part 1 of Birth Story

Sometimes, I wanna write perfection about the most important events. Well, I ain’t gonna get perfection, so I’m just gonna put virtual pen to virtual paper, and attempt to tell the Birth Story from my perspective. Links to MyBetterHalf’s (MBH) version of the story are included in the chapter titles.

Part 1 of Birth Story
Monday, June 11th. The work day ended a bit different, I said “see you tomorrow” to my boss. She said, “maybe”, and I said, “No, I’m tired of saying ‘maybe’. Been saying ‘maybe see you tomorrow’ for the past month, I’ll be here in the morning.”

Went up to the hospital, picked up some Thai food and smuggled it in. After a bit, Indecisive Ramblings (IR) showed up, and we shared curry with her, “woo-hoo, curry-fest, hospital-style”!

IR was kind enough to give me a ride home. On the way to the car she asked when I thought the babies would arrive. Using the superior powers of Murphy’s Law, I figured they would show up around 3AM on a day when my cell phone was dead and I was at home. (Previously I predicted they would be born during my Chemistry final on 6/13). About halfway home, I got the call that MBH’s water had broken. Unter & Uber were on the way. I turned to IR and said, “so, how about giving me a ride back to the hospital after I get a change of clothes?”

“I thought that’s what we’d do.”

I inconsiderately didn’t tell my house-guest brother-in-law that U & U were on the way. I said “bye” to the kitties. I grabbed a change of clothes.

Back at the hospital, IR quickly found parking, (and not by disintegrating any cars, either). IR wasn’t sure what to do, just drop me off, or go up to the hospital room with me. I figured, what the heck, come along, we can always kick you out later. She liked this, we went in, and waited 10 minutes to get our temporary security clearance nametags. According to the security dude, IR was now part of our family

In the room, MBH was hooked up to the monitor, the childrens seemed to be doing fine. I was wondering, is this the time to call our parentals? IR and I started packing up the collection of stuff that the room had gained in the past 5 weeks. (Fortunately, I had brought a bunch of empty bags, and that over the previous weekend I had started sending loaned stuff back to owners and carting stuff back to our home.) I called my mom, who was very worried that our OB was at another delivery; I explained that the babies are on the way now, but it is not an immediate emergency. (Funny, I used to think “emergency” meant “right now! Stat! Move it people!”…But now I see that there can be a couple of hours of waiting. Which makes sense, because I’ve waited for a couple of hours in the emergency room while bleeding.) MBH called the in-laws, and they said, “We’re on our way.”

I am very grateful that IR was there to transport all of our stuff & junk to our future post-op room. That was the last we saw of her….


2 Responses to “Part 1 of Birth Story”

  1. trina Says:

    Good first part!! looking forward to part 2.

  2. Kelly Says:

    I feel so important featuring in these stories. 😉

    How fitting that we had “curry-fest” just hours before their arrival.

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