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31 December, 2007

those darn kids today…back in my day we had email and we liked it. Evidently kids today don’t like the email.

Am I gonna have to set up some Facebook or MySpace account just to keep in contact with my childrens? And by the time I finally figure that out, are my childrens going to be plugged into google.telepathy or Microsoft Psychic ?

What’s an old man to do?


truth in fiction

30 December, 2007

How important is it for an author to be factual?

I mean, it is fiction that they write. I know that Zorloc was very frustrated at the opening sequence of Lost. MyBetterHalf is currently peeved with a TV show.

I’m sure that we all have watched something, and had a friend interrupt saying, “that’s not the way it happens” with a law, doctor, military…TV show. And usually I respond that fiction needs a suspension of disbelief. But how much of one?

I have heard that Mr. Tom Clancy is very good at getting the facts in his books correct. But didn’t Mr. Stephen King say don’t let the facts get in the way of a good story. And I’d rather read King than Clancy.

I sort of feel that if the author is too lazy to be correct about something…then what else is the author being lazy about?

I’ve decided that the next time someone says, “I don’t read fantasy, it’s not realistic” I will reply that most fantasy is just as realistic and consistent as the TV dramas that are out there.

I don’t know much, so most things don’t bother me in fiction. Then again, I don’t watch shows based on kitchens, seriously, why relive that? TV is for relaxing. But I hear from my friends that most of the time there is a computer in a TV show or movie it’s usually completely wrong.

I guess if you know the author is wrong about something, you start to not trust the author, and who wants to sit around listening to someone who can’t be trusted.

Hats off to New England Patriots for their perfect season. I hope their only loss in the post season is at the hands of the Seattle Seahawks.

funny with the childrens

29 December, 2007

A few minutes ago, me & Mr. Grunty were doing an “aaaahhhwwww” duet. But then it was funny so we laughed.

Last week, Miss Squeaky thought the word “poo” was very funny.

presidential musings

28 December, 2007

I did say, more than once, “all I’m asking for in the next presidential election is two articulate candidates.” When was the last time that happened? Was it Reagan vs Carter? Because Bush, Gore, Kerry, Bush weren’t articulate. BobDole almost was, but kept refering to himself in the third person.

So, if I may, I would like to have an andendum to my presidential wish list.
(Following the styling of Zorloc, but not nearly as well thought out)

1) State’s rights. I am a big fan, got me to like BobDole, even though not sure if I voted for him or not. But on alot of issues. I’m getting a little sick of everybody using the Commerce Clause as a justification for the federal government to be interferring with the states. If Oregon wants Physician Assisted Suicide and legalized marijuana, fine. If California wants to make car manufacturers make cars with better gas mileage / less polluting, fine. If Alabama thinks 150 days of school are enough for a child, fine. If Lousisiana wants to have drive through margirihita huts, fine. If Montanna wants a highway speed limit of 120 miles per hour, fine, I can get through Montanna faster. Here’s the thing, there is no right answer, alot of issues are best handled locally. And, especially with education, if you have 50 states doing different things, you have 50 experiments going on, and hopefully the states can learn from each other.

2) Iraq. Seriously, what is your plan? Be creative! How about this, engage with Iran on the issue. Iran and Turkey both have a vested interest in a stable Iraq, because they don’t want Kurdish freedom fighters roaming the boarders.

3) Drug war. Time to rethink that fiasco.

4) Can you control the budget? How? Because if Congress is the same party as you, they’ll spend my tax dollars like a debutant with daddy’s credit card.

5) Social security. My generation basically feels we ain’t ever gonna see a dime of it. Can we quit paying into it already?

…I’m sure there’s more…


27 December, 2007

Tonight when I got home, the childrens were busy playing. Miss Squeaky in a swing, pulling on a toy that lights up when you pull on it. Mr. Grunty in the exer-saucer, smiling and banging a rattle all around.

The day care says that Mr. G talks more than Miss S. Yeah, a lot more we’ve noticed. It makes me kinda glad they are working on different things, maybe they can teach each other, and also it feels that one baby is not behind the other in overall development.

Tonight, after second supper, Miss S and I played some peek-a-boo. She found it funny.


better musicians

26 December, 2007

there are bands that don’t change…
AC/DC, Bon Jovi,…

there are bands/musicians that change styles…
Madonna, Tori Amos, U2, Miles Davis

there were bands/musicians that evolved and became better musicians
U2, Rolling Stones, Beatles, Who, SleaterKinney, Beethoven

Are there any bands out there now that got better from album one to three?
Or, the only way you get signed is by having a lifetime to write your debut album, and then you are messed up by the industry?

I think it was George Thorogood that said you don’t get better playing guitar after your first two years. I don’t think I have been able to prove him wrong.

photo phun

26 December, 2007

Well, it’s not as good as Ansel Adams, but making this photo sure was way fun.


x-mas dinner

25 December, 2007

well, this time I did not burn my tongue tasting the stock. I think I like making stock. I nice way to be busy for 10 hours. There is so much food left over. Too bad I don’t really like turkey.

Oliver kitty clawed & hissed at my dad, and while my dad was holding Mr. Grunty so I could punish Oliver, Mr. G started crying.

Miss Squeaky was good at ripping open presents. And then trying to eat the paper.

Me & my little sister talked about Harry Potter.
My other sister is still pregnant (due Dec 30th).

NBA stuff follows…


Babies 1st Christmas

25 December, 2007

(Seriously, I got my double present of joy back on June 12th)

And, it is even snowing on Christmas Day!
After a full moon X-mas Eve.

The turkey has been deboned and spiced, the stock is cooking, I haven’t burned my tongue.

We haven’t checked on what Santa brought yet, or opened presents, but I can say that I found my favorite pink hat!
(pink hat can be seen here)

babies 1st x-mas eve

24 December, 2007

I got home from work, noting the beautiful full moon, to two very different babies.

Mr. Grunty was taking a nap next to his mommy, had his arm stretched out, and hand on her shoulder, as if to say “it’s OK mommy, I’ll protect you”. So very cute. MyBetterHalf agreed, and that’s why she couldn’t sleep, she was too busy staring at our cute son. He’s getting bigger, I can almost envision what he will look like in five years.

Miss Squeaky was hanging out and playing with grandma. She was happy enough to hug me when I picked her up, but soon turned and pushed away, as if to say, “I’m busy papa, I got work to do.”

How quickly things change in the forest.

Mr G woke up and was happy to boisterously tell us stories.

Miss S has been screaming & fighting sleep for the past three hours. Arching the back, punching clawing, kicking. Now she’s asleep on my lap, because when we put her in her bed, she quickly wakes up, energized to fight sleep again. Maybe she is wanting to see Santa.