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we’re sick

29 February, 2008

…well, for awhile, it was just me with an annoying cough.

This week, the childrens got sick. Lots of coughing, LOTS of snotty nose, not much appetite, Miss Squeaky even threw up.

Yesterday, we took them to the doctor. And the doctor we saw, is so very nice and polite and sweet. She always starts an appointment telling us how beautiful and wonderful our babies are. And says that she can’t wait to meet them and talk with them because already they have such distinct personalities. I am sure she says that to all the parents.

Now their mommy is feeling sick. And their papa is starting to feel a little bit of the itchy in the back of his throat.

Good thing we have the kitties to take care of us.


Word Play

26 February, 2008

Hey Sports Fans,
I don’t know what y’all are doing this weekend. But if you haven’t already, I strongly recommend you renting & watching “Word Play“.

I liked this movie.
Following in the tradition of the documentary about a competition, such as “Spellbound” and “The Heart of the Game“. I really like watching people perform at the highest levels. It is inspiring to see what we as humans are capable of.

And with cameos by Bill Clinton, Jon Stewart & the Indigo Girls.

I tell you what, it makes me want to start doing crossword puzzles, and maybe someday, i could be good enough to finish a Monday New York Times crossword puzzle in a day or two.

Wow…I wish I was really, really good at something.
I hope I’m a good parent, although that’s not a competition, so you don’t really know. That’s the great thing about competition, you can know.

burps & bumps

25 February, 2008

I am happy to have a bit of time in the morning with the childrens. Especially on a night like tonight, when they are falling asleep when I finally get home, and are asleep thirty minutes later. Our day usually begins around 6 and we leave for daycare around 8. So there’s some time to play, and eat, and hang out…but I also need to get ready for my day too.

Miss Squeaky has started patting me on the back when I pick her up. So very helpful, making sure I don’t have any burps in my belly.

This morning, whilst brushing my teeth, I heard the babies talking, then I heard a bump,…no screaming…and then the babies were talking again. When I went to check on them, Mr Grunty was out of the boppy and had rolled over by the couch, and was scratching on it…just like the kitties taught him.

The weekend

24 February, 2008

Saturday, we went to a Multiples group gathering, hoping to get sage advice, except that Mr. Grunty & Miss Squeaky were almost the oldest kids there. It’s funny, people were talking about different methods used to get kids to sleep. We didn’t really use a method. We certainly didn’t have enough will power to try and Feberize Miss S (And we didn’t want her screaming to wake Mr. G.), and mostly, it worked, they’ve learned how to mostly sleep from around 8 pm to around 6 am. Now that I’ve said that, I’m sure they will wake us up every hour tonight.

I did learn, that a side-by-side stroller is better, than front-&-back for kids our age. Because, it is easier to maneuver up curbs, since the center of gravity is a lot closer to the back wheels.

After that we visited our good friend at Indecisive Ramblings, who was very sad and missing her Kipper. Kipper returned home today. Yeah!!

And we went for a short walk in the park.

Today, I got to dig in my garden. Yup, I buried the compost. (Seriously, what did I put in that bin over the past six months.) And, worms like to live coconut shells. (Coconut was from New Years Day 2006.)

And we went for a short walk in the park again. Thanxies, God for the beautiful weather!

Then we went to have a play date with “Milo”. He’s already a year old!

Uh oh. I just heard Miss S.

a good day

19 February, 2008

Castro is stepping down! Yay!!
Let us reflect for a moment, how good a job did that embargo do? Maybe soon we can win that war on poverty!

Voting went OK in Pakistan. I love seeing photos of happy Muslim women who have just voted. Smile for democracy!

And things are looking good for Obama.

Jason Kidd is a Mavrick and we’re past the All-Star break so the real NBA season begins.


sleeping peacefully

18 February, 2008

No, I never get tired of telling how cute they are.

Miss Squeaky has both of her hands behind her head.
Mr. Grunty has his arms spread out.

Well, it’s bedtime for papa.

We check on them before we go to bed, we check on them if we have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Sometimes it’s just enough to stand between their beds and hear them breathing. (Stuffy noses makes that easier.) Sometimes I have to touch the blankets to feel their diaphragm move. Sometimes I have to tickle their nose or ear to get them to move a bit.

Movie Monday “Spiderwick”

18 February, 2008

So the other day, MyBetterHalf’s boss came over to babysit the childrens ( how cool is that!) and me and MyBetterHalf got to go on a date!

We saw the Spiderwick Chronicles

It was nice. It was entertaining. Everybody did their job competently.
I’ll give it a solid B


the beds

18 February, 2008

Childrens…always trying to find some way to hurt themselves. No wonder my mom has grey hair.

Miss Squeaky is real good now at rolling over, which means often we hear a thunk, and then a scream, and go see that she has rolled over enough to hit her head against the bars of her bed.

Mr. Grunty finds that funny, and laughs at her, with one of his at an acute angle to his body and foot caught between the bars of his bed.

Today, had the day off, and I took the childrens to visit their mommy on her lunch break. We walked around her work, showing off our childrens, and they got lots of “you’re so cute…adorable…big”. It was funnsies for all.

now I’ve done it

18 February, 2008

You know, sometimes, when everybody is doing it, and you get caught up in the excitement, and you do something that technically you aren’t allowed to do, so now you have to live with the consequences?

I’m sorry to say….


know when to fold ’em

16 February, 2008

Sorry sports fans.
I will not be completing F.A.W.M. this year.

Good luck Blub! Keep up the good fight!