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Memorial Day weekend

30 May, 2008

hmmm…I best write about this, lest I forget.

My mommy came to visit!

Saturday, our good friend from DC visited! She was curious about life with childrens…what if they spit up on you, she asked as I was holding Miss Squeaky above my head. It don’t matter. I’ve been through much, much worse*

Most bad things that infants do, give me data points. If the baby is screaming, I know they have enough oxygen. (This might be from my fears right after they were born, and Mr Grunty couldn’t cry.) When they woke up in the middle of the night, I was always a bit happy, because SIDS hadn’t attacked my childrens. Poo & pee…it’s good that they do that, their digestion is working, it’s bad if they don’t. Hmm…not much data from spit up…oh well…it doesn’t smell that bad.

Right before she left, our friend said to Miss Squeaky, “later, I’ll teach you about your reproductive rights” She failed to point out that Mr. Grunty will have less reproductive rights than his sister.**

Miss Squeaky took her first steps. I am so very happy it was in front of us at home. (Note, she hasn’t since. Maybe we made to big a deal of it.)

Miss Squeaky wanted to share a carrot with Mr. Grunty, he wouldn’t take it from her, so she crawled over to him, and pushed on his chest trying to make him take the carrot. We adults thought it was so very cute, until gravity took over, and Mr. G fell over and bonked his head on the floor. 😦 Poor Mr. G.

I played in the garden. I’ve dug up a new spot. I got some dirt from the store, (Mr. G helped pick it out.) I planted some beans and some radishes, and some raspberry. I found worms. I got dirt under my nails. It was fun.

Later that night, I was sitting on the floor and eating a banana. The childrens mobbed me, they wanted banana, too. They were very happy as I fed them pieces, until we ran out!

We went to kite hill for a picnic. Entertained by lots of people fail at flying a kite.



the childrens this morning

30 May, 2008

Yes, they are still incredibly cute.

Adventures from this morning….

I had to dig a bunch of cat fur out of Miss Squeaky’s mouth.
I think Miss S dumped a bucket of blocks on her brother’s head.

Mr. Grunty, though he hearts the banana, would not pick a piece up. Until I topped it with a cherio, then it was cool to touch.
Mr. G pulled himself up to play on the piano. (yay!)

I played chase the toy chain-link with Oliver.

And I almost forgot to feed Sophie.

I called it !!

30 May, 2008

alright, this is weirding me out.. I (and well, half of the basketball community) called it when I said the finals would be Lakers -vs- Celtics.

So why don’t I feel happy about it?

I think I am gonna have to root for the Western Conference team. Maybe it’s because there was minimal shots of Jack Nicholson in the Forum, or no audience pans of the celebs at the game just to be seen. But I don’t have the normal loathing for the Lakers that I normally do. Maybe, I just am starting to like Kobe, after all he did last summer in the FIBA tournament.

Also, I don’t see how Boston can match up. None of them can defend Kobe. And Odam & Gasol will be tough for them to defend. I don’t think LA needs to worry about Ray Allen, and Kevin Garnett is not a closer.

Speaking of…Phil Jackson showed his team the “Always Be Closing” speech from Glengarry Glen Ross.

I hear rumors that the NBA will start fining those that flop. Completely silly. How about this, have the refs ignore those that flop? If there’s no advantage, within a week 250 lb men would quit falling to the floor every time someone’s jersey touched them.

“Prince Caspian”

25 May, 2008

I was entertained.
I haven’t yet read the book, maybe I should, the books are short, and I’m behind schedule.

I’ll give it a “B”.

And I kept seeing things, and thinking about the d20 conversion.


childrens update

22 May, 2008

Miss Squeaky likes to take a toy with her as she crawls.

Mr. Grunty likes to walk around, holding onto parental fingers, and will fuss if we quit.

“Stray” – book 4 of 2008

22 May, 2008

In an effort to get to know my little sister T a bit better, I am reading a book that she likes.

“Stray” by Rachel Vincent

Hmmm…how best to say this. I’ll give it a C .
Compared to “Last Man Standing”, let see, I think Baldacci is a better writer, the idea hook was more interesting in “Last Man”, but I enjoyed “Stray” more. Also, in credit to Vincent, the characters seemed more true to themselves, and the plot was straight forward and believable. Every turn of events was believable, except one*.

Now here is the interesting thing, I picked it up, and thought “the narrator totally talks the way my little sister T does!” Vincent has picked up the rhythm and meter of teenage speech.

“Stray” is urban-fantasy, which Wikipedia says is a subset of contemporary fantasy, which is a sub-genre of fantasy. (“Stray” is published by Mira, a Harlequin publisher.)

I think my next novel will be a rural-fantasy. About a young were-gopher torn between two lovers…one is the stable, nice-guy, human…the other is the fun, wild-n-crazy gopher. Think there’s a market for that?

Alright questions for discussion.
Do boys like fantasy in fantasy lands, like Salvatore, whilst girls like fantasy based in a contemporary world, such as the slew of chick-lit vampire stories, Mira publishing…? And if so, why?

What makes a hero? I think I’ll go with sacrifice and responsibility. Samwise, he trudged along with his friend, long after I would have strangled the whining Frodo. Spiderman “great power, great responsibility.” Most parents are heroes.
I don’t think just by having a special talent grants you hero status. (Pay attention to that SportsFans…just because A can do something cool with a ball, don’t make them a hero.) It seems these days, in the movies, super-heroes are very popular. But the thing that makes them super, is their powers, not their actions, which is kinda sad.

…spoilers follow:


childrens first pool

21 May, 2008

yeah…we broke down and bought the childrens an inflatable pool on Sunday because the weather was so very nice this weekend, and MyBetterHalf was very excited about seeing the childrens in their cute swim suits.

I don’t think they really got it. Both of them kept trying to crawl out of the pool. The grass in the backyard was much more interesting. And the trying to get the grass off of them while getting them out of their swim suits, not very fun.

Later, whilst MyBetterHalf balanced the checkbook, the rest of us went on a walk up to the new Inter-urban trail. A nice bit of green right off of Aurora.

a wonderful day

17 May, 2008

It started at 5:30 am, because Miss Squeaky thinks “if the sun is up, I should be too.”

Later that morning I finally planted the red potatoes that had been sprouting in my kitchen for a few weeks. And YAY, some of the sunflowers are popping up.

We finally mailed some baby clothes to my sister in Arkansas.

Then we went for a picnic. But first, at Safeway, I taught the childrens how to honk the horn in their shopping car. Mr. Grunty did most of the steering, usually he had his hands on both steering wheels.

At the picnic…

Miss S attacked her mommy. MyBetterHalf was laying down, Miss S crawled over to her, crawled up, and then started giving her slobbery kisses on her neck. MyBetterHalf was laughing lots, and that only encouraged Miss S.

Mr. G discovered that sitting in the grass and kicking your legs is as fun as taking a bath. He was laughing loud. And it’s even more fun when a parental does the same.

We took them walking (They still hold onto our fingers) barefoot in the grass. Yay! Miss S isn’t afraid of walking in the grass.

Mr. G encountered his first dandelion. It was ready to disperse the seeds. He bent down to touch it, and very gingerly touched the white poof. He did that a few more times, and then, when the dandelion wasn’t expecting it, he grabbed it and captured most of the seeds.

I finished a book.

And finally, I put up the curtains that our good friend Blub gave us a million years ago for the childrens room. Maybe now Mr Sun won’t wake up Miss Squeaky.


this week in Science

15 May, 2008

an article talking about what works for AIDS prevention, and how we aren’t really budgeting our monies in the best way.

One of the things that is working:circumcision

Over 45 observational, biological,
and other studies from the last 20 years
have shown that MC significantly reduces the
risk of heterosexual HIV infection . The population-level effect of widespread
MC is observed in west Africa, where HIV has
been present for many decades, yet prevalence
remains relatively low . All three
recent RCTs of MC in Africa were stopped
early for ethical reasons when initial findings
demonstrated at least 60% reduction in HIV
risk. The population-level impact, taking
into account herd immunity, could be
even greater if a large proportion of men
become circumcised . Unlike most
other interventions, MC is a one-time procedure
that confers lifelong protection. Modeling
suggests that MC could avert up to 5.7 million
new HIV infections and 3 million deaths over
the next 20 years in Sub-Saharan Africa, many
of these among women .
A dozen acceptability studies and on-theground
experience in many high-HIV-prevalence
African countries demonstrate that the
majority of uncircumcised men and their
female partners accept and want MC services
(typically for reasons of hygiene and sexual
pleasure). In Swaziland, men almost
rioted because circumcision services were not
available. Studies suggest that up to
80% in high HIV-prevalence countries like
Botswana and Swaziland would seek MC if it
were safe and inexpensive.

Over time MC, which
has been called a surgical vaccine, would
probably protect more women, albeit indirectly,
than nearly any other achievable HIV
prevention strategy.

crawling Mr. G

14 May, 2008

My boy is crawling. Yeah, y’all knew that. But I saw it this morning!

Miss Squeaky likes the green bean finger food.