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30 June, 2008

…this morning, when me & my mom dropped the childrens off at daycare they both took off to play. And very soon, Miss Squeaky was in the lead, followed by Mr. Grunty, followed by another crawler. All of them headed towards the playroom.

Tonight, they clapped when I came home. Miss S pulled on my finger, and I acted like she was pulling me towards her, she laughed (I learned that trick from MyBetterHalf). Mr. G fed me some apples. Later, you know how if you fake laugh with other people, eventually it will turn into real laughter, we did that.


29 June, 2008

Mr. Grunty got a tooth. It was not a happy experience for him, and he yelled at us for telling him to get one. We told him the next one would be easier.

Mr. G likes to feed his papa. Cheerios. Yesterday at a picnic lunch he fed me little diced soft carrot pieces. He thinks this is funny, but will now sometimes initiate the feeding of me. Or sometimes, when I ask for a bite, he’ll smile, slowly pick up a piece of food, tilt his head to the side, and look up at me with his big blue eyes, and then with a grin, eat the food himself.

Miss Squeaky likes to help with the laundry. The other day whilst I was changing her brother’s diaper, she was quiet. When I finally finished w/ diaper, I saw that she was standing next to a laundry basket. She was sorting the clothes, carefully considering,…left, right, behind. Sounded by a growing pile of clean clothes on the floor.

The other day, Miss S had a shirt. She shook it, and laid it down. Then she picked it up, and laid it down again, in a different spot. That wasn’t right either, so more shaking, and another spot. She was never quiet happy with her “folding” job on that shirt.

It like, finally got warm here. Mr. G doesn’t like it, and woke us up to complain, poor little boy. He does like a cool wash cloth on his head. Miss S gets very started by the cool wash cloth.

“Twilight” book #6 of 2008

23 June, 2008

Twilight by Stephanie Meyer
…so why did I read this? Allegedly this book is all the rage amongst Jr. High girls, so I hear from MyBetterHalf, who has a friend who is a Jr. High School counselor. The girls raved about the book, the counselor deigned to read it, really liked it, recommended it to MBH…and then I read it.

I’ll give it a B+

Much better writing than in Stray. It’s the typical girl meets vampire, falls in love, in Forks WA, drama ensues. The first bit was slow, either scenery or girl-thoughs of “he’s so dreamy, I wonder if he likes me”…but then, around page 120 something interesting happened that got me hooked.

About the origins of vampires, were they created, or evolved. I’m going to say, “created” because the weapons that they have for their prey, are much more than needed. The way I see evolution working, you need just enough to get the job done, a cheetah only has to be as fast as the slowest gazelle. The shark only has be be strong enough to kill the seal. The owl only has to be swift enough to catch the mouse. But vampires, they are stronger and faster than humans. AND, they can charm humans. Better senses than humans. Supernatural powers to regenerate, maybe fly, maybe transform…depends on the mythos you’re holding to. So, who created the vampire? Why? What does Anne Rice say? What about Joss Whedon?

One nice thing about the story, the big climatic fight between the good -vs- the “Big Bad”, lasts about two sentences. Meyer seems to know that most readers do not care about the particular details of a fight. That if you keep going on and on, pretty soon you sound like Arnold Rimmer, “…then I rolled a six and a four.”

Previously I said my favorite line, “It must be a hard thing, to be a father; living in fear that your daughter would meet a boy she liked, but also having to worry if she didn’t.” pg 227

Another good line, “Every father’s dream, that his daughter will be out of the house before the hormones kick in.” pg 296

And another, “Making decisions was the painful part for me, the part I agonized over. But once the decision was made, I simply followed through – usually with relief that the choice was made. Sometimes the relief was tainted by despair, …But it was still better than wrestling with the alternatives.” pg 140

spoilers follow:


recent things

23 June, 2008

We’ve been sharing whilst playing with blocks. It’s a good time. I’ll give a toddler a block, they’ll put it someplace, and then I’ll hold out my hand, they retrieve it and give it back to me with a cute smile (Miss Squeaky) or a little chuckle (Mr. Grunty).

MyBetterHalf was making them laugh the other day, she would kiss her fingertips, blow the kiss to the children, and carry the kiss on fingertips in a spiral pattern while getting closer and making “whoosh” noises and the kiss will land on a check. They find this funny.

Tonight, Miss S was fussy, didn’t want to be held, didn’t want her bottle, didn’t want to be put down, didn’t want to read a book. Finally, I was smart enuff to let her grab my index fingers and we went walkin’ around the house. It was all good.

I really like tickling Mr. G’s nose with my goatee. He laughs loudly.

what I did with my summer vacation

22 June, 2008

so…I took vacation Thursday, June 12th – Monday….and I am still recovering from its effects. OK, actually I felt mostly recovered around Wednesday, but Mr. Grunty had a nightmare around 3AM Friday, and they’ve been sick, waking up crying…it’s almost like de ja vous all over again with the interruptions of my beauty sleep. Anywho, less about me, more about my vacation.

First of all, round these parts, we had been calling it June-uary, because it has been cold, overcast, drizzling…seriously, we’re like having the coldest June in forever. But, I was blessed with great weather for my vacation. Which is important to have, if you have ten people living in one house. The poor kitties, they hid for most of my vacation.

Thursday, me & my mom took the childrens to visit MyBetterHalf (MBH) at her work. The cute overload of my childrens disrupted a lot of productivity. Later, that night, since it was their birthday, our children had their first taste of ice-cream. They were like, “eh, it’s alright, but it’s no banana (Mr. G) or American cheese (Miss S).”

Friday, me & MBH took turns cleaning, or watching the childrens. And then her family arrived, her sister T and her kids K, D, C, M. Her parents, and her youngest brother. It was nice, having so many folks to watch the childrens, that we could actually take the baby-gates down.

Saturday, started out early, firing up the smoker, and putting the pork shoulder on. I chatted w/ my sis-in-law about the garden I’m attempting. (Hmmm…I still haven’t thinned out those radishes.) Then, in preparations for the party, we decided to have an overflowing toilet, MBH & I yelled at each other…whilst I was cleaning that…lets just say there was a cat “issue” I had to deal with also. (But we have a wet vac now!)

Later, we had Mr. Grunty & Miss Squeaky had their first Birthday Party. There was fire, and hot dogs, and hamburgers and a doggie, and gifts, I got everyone to sing the “gimme gimme gimme, gimme my cupcake” song, and they had their first cake with tasty frosting and everyone laughed, and Miss S naturally put it in her hair, and Mr. G put it in his ear.

They got a few gifts. A cute moon pull toy, from a delightful Moonbeam. A super awesome drum set, from a delightful aunt. Their parents got them both cars and dolls – they both prefer playing with the cars. They got a walker / scooter that only took me 3 hours to figure out how to assemble. They got a down-payment on outdoor toys for the yard from my family. And one of the things they liked the most, the tissue wrapping paper – it like, crinkles so very nice with a great sound and a fun feel when you shake it – SHAKE IT!

Father’s Day.
YES! I was visited by the Father’s Day Fruit Bat! I got a fruit bat, and a NBA dvd, and some shirts for work, and a new neck-tie for formal Friday. Later we went to the park for a picnic, we rode down the slide with the childrens, and MBH and her family went troll hunting, whilst me & my childrens got to walk around in the park. It was awesome. On the walk, I (because they fell asleep) saw a dog in a wheel-chair like contraption. It’s owners saw me with twins, and said, “who’s got it tougher.” I quickly responded, “I’ld say the dog does.” Evidently, the doggie has MS, and the wheels by his hind legs and straps around his body, help him be able to still go on walks, so he’s happy. Later that night, MBH her brother, sister, mom, dad, and niece K went to go see Blub host an open mic. I stayed with the childrens, and D, C & M. D, C & M, were very well behaved, and were having a great time entertaining the childrens, sometimes they would crowd a toddler too much in their desire to play with them. After Mr. G & Miss S went to bed, we told a collaborative story. What it would be like if we got sent to Narnia, I asked them questions, and had each wait their turn to answer their own particular question. After a bit, C said, “why are we just sitting here talking when we could be outside playing?!?”

Monday we played “Calvin Ball”…whenever something happens, you get to change a rule. The toughest was, “no touching the ball,” luckily for me, I saw some sandals, and so could pick up the ball w/o actually me touching it, but we had lots of fun approaching the ball, and pretending to bounce off of a force field around it. The toughest rule for some people was yell out your favorite vegetable when you throw the ball. Then people left, and we started the process of getting things back to normal.

At some point we also got to play CSI:Shoreline, because a dart head was lost somewhere in the lawn, so we on hands and knees looked for it, then we moved a few inches to the right, and looked again, for half an hour. Gee, I hope my childrens are up to date on their tetanus shots in case they step on the dart latter this summer.

I would like to send a special thanks out to my nieces K & M, and nephews D & C, who helped lots. Everyone helped feed the childrens bottles, and they actually fought for the privilege. Here are some things that went on with each of them.

K – going into middle school in the fall…my advice to her, to focus on math, music and foreign language. And she cracked a lot of eggs, and scrambled them. She learned that when making pancakes for lots of people, as soon as the pancakes are done, some one is hungry again, and it took her forever before she got to eat her breakfast.

D – played catch w/ Mr. G, Mr G loved it and would sometimes push the ball back, and sometimes have his arms together and “catch” the ball. D took Mr. G on walks. I scolded him and made him cry, because he was throwing a dart straight up into the air. I could’ve handled it better, but I think I embarrassed him. D was very patient, and mastered the technique of getting a Hershey miniature skewered and slowly roasted it until just melting…TASTY! His favorite part of the weekend, “the Fremont Troll”

C – helped take out the trash, and the compost, and quickly learned the difference between the two. He learned how to flip pancakes. His favorite part of the weekend, “playing with the babies and the swings”

M – naturally helped again cleaning dishes. She & C took Miss S for a walk, she held one had, C held the other, and Miss S led the way. Helped make pancakes. Her favorite part of the weekend, “Slide, swings.”


21 June, 2008

I liked it.

The only weak part for me, was in lab class, the arguing couple having a fight in front of Juno & Bleeker. That was dumb. The rest of it I think was pretty good.

( It has been pointed out, that for all of Juno’s love of Iggy Pop sure doesn’t show in her singing with Bleeker, or in the movie soundtrack.)

grade B

So, what would I do if Miss Squeaky was preggers, or Mr. Grunty got someone preggers in High School?

Happy Anniversary

19 June, 2008

It’s our 4th annual Oliver-versary!

He & I still play chase the toy games. He still keeps the foot of the bed warm on MyBetterHalf’s side. He is growing in patience, especially tonight when Miss Squeaky kept grabbing his foot.

I love you Oliver!
Thanks for choosing to live with us!

this morning

19 June, 2008

Miss Squeaky was happy to share her Cheerios with me. Mr. Grunty shared a single Cheerio with me. They were entertained when I played guitar for them.

Mr. G and I played a sharing game. I had a pink block, gave it to him, I held out my hand, he would give it back & smile, I would say, “thank you” and give him a kiss, then hold out the block and ask if he would like it, he would giggle and take the block.

Miss S is starting with the separation anxiety. She was crying when her Mommy left this morning. She cried when I let go of her hands, so that Mr. G could have a chance walking around the house with Papa. She screamed when Mr. G stole the drum head from her. She did have a big smile and big hug for Sohad, our daycare provider.

I played “run, bounce, climb, jump attack!!” with Mr. Oliver kitty.

Not much time for Miss Sophie kitty this morning – though tonight she was a lap kitty for me whilst I read about DnD 4th edition.

Yesterday morning

19 June, 2008

Instead of going to work, I went and laid back in a big comfy chair and listened to Sleater-Kinney for three hours whilst well trained professionals worked above me for my benefit. I asked one of them, why she went into her career.

“Because I can talk, and you have to listen. No, seriously, I always knew I wanted to go into medicine – being Indian it is always medicine or engineering…or taxi driver. But I wanted to work with my hands, to be able to solve a problem, and not just prescribe pills and see you again in a month.”

They redid three of my fillings, and gave me a temporary crown.

Happy 12 months!

12 June, 2008

Dear Mr. Grunty and Miss Squeaky,
thank you very very much for being mine.

I love you more and more each day!