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28 July, 2008

This morning…I watched as Miss Squeaky, with her hands apart like she was about to start clapping, toddle over to Mr. Grunty, who was lounging on a stack of cushions, bend over and give her brother a hug.

Later, she was had a little car and rubbed it gently on his head. She got that from her parents, because we will pick up a car, and start singing “the wheels on the car go round and round…all over children…” and they think its funny that a car is driving on them.


a new beginning

28 July, 2008

Well, I think I’m on WordPress…I think that everything linked over.

It reminds me, once, I left a house that I lived in, without removing all my stuff, there were a few boxes I was going to pick up after work. When I got there at 10pm the locks had been changed. I never got those boxes. I wonder if there was anything good in them?

So, if I don’t know that I’m missing anything. Then I guess it wasn’t that important to import.

Hello world!

28 July, 2008

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

play time

27 July, 2008

So today, I put up a new gate, and the childrens have been playing on the gate box all morning. Making each other laugh, crawling on it, giggling.

Later this evening, they were playing what me & MyBetterHalf believe was a game of hide-n-seek. Miss Squeaky would walk out of the living room, Mr Grunty would crawl after her, we would here a squeal of delight and then he would return to the living room, and she chasing him. My goodness it was very endearing and super cute. They were really interacting and entertaining each other. Just makes my heart smile.

this morning

24 July, 2008

Mr. Grunty did a few steps towards me. I propped him up at the couch, moved away, held out my hands, he grinned and took a step forward and fell into my arms. It’s progress. And he was telling a wonderful story, with words I have never heard before.

Miss Squeaky is finding out that growing up can be painful. Especially when you used to be able to stand up under a table, but now you bonk your head when you do that. Or when you try to walk out from underneath, and you keep hitting your head on the apron of the table.

Oh…and we have a thief. Or a political protester. Sometimes difficult to tell the difference. Miss S does not like socks on people’s feet. And when Mr G was standing at the gate, shaking it, she was bending down and trying to pull off one of his socks.

Mr. Grunty’s news

23 July, 2008

Mr. Grunty decided that since today was such a slow news day, that today he would start walking. He can take a step or two and then stumble, maybe a couple of times he took three steps. BUT, he did it with a giggle and a huge smile and not holding onto furniture or parental-hands. He found it especially funny when we would catch him as he fell towards us.

And, we discovered a new fun for the family game. I placed Mr. G on the side of Miss Squeaky’s high-chair, she was still in it. He then pushed her to the other side of the room. Both of them laughed.

Tonight was bath night. And after, they had some naked-butt time in their cribs. Always a risk of them wetting their beds, but we’re not worried, because we like doing laundry. They like naked-butt time. Miss S was either jogging in place, or vigorously shaking the side of the crib with excitement. Mr. G was laughing and doing a little jig w/o moving his feet my quickly flex and relaxing his knees.

All in all, a pretty normal day.

Happy Happy,…and Happy!

23 July, 2008

co-written by GBAtT & MyBetterHalf on Tuesday, July 22nd

Hey Sportsfan!
recently, MyBetterHalf woke me up at 6AM with those beautiful words, “I think my period is late.” I woke up a lot quicker than normal, and with a sleepy smile asked, “really? how late?” She said “a few days.” I asked, isn’t her cycle wonky from time to time? True, but this time was different. Later that day I got an easy to read pregnancy test, and we waited anxiously for the next morning.

I was excited. Another baby, the natural way, a surprise baby even. Finally I can feel what it’s like to be a normal “breeder”. Isn’t this the way it’s supposed to happen? “honey…guess what!”

My biggest fears. SIDS and our marriage. I rationally know that since we follow the “Back-to-Sleep” campaign, and didn’t let Unter & Uber sleep on their tummies, that was good, and we don’t smoke, that’s good. Still, I was very relieved at one year, when SIDS risk plummets. I am afraid of traveling through the Valley of SIDS-Risk-Age again. Just recently, things have started getting back to normal, we’re not dealing with infertility (stressful), we’re not pregnant, or on hospital bed-rest, or have newborns, or lack of sleep. We are starting to return to being husband and wife, and I am nervous about another year plus of stress on our marriage. Oh well, we had a couple of relaxing months recently. I think we’re recharged and ready for the next challenge. LOL!

Next worry, everything that can go wrong with fetal development, or during a pregnancy. Dude, too much can go wrong. (I know, most of the time it doesn’t.)

Next concern. It might be necessary for me to quit the day job to look after the kids (no child-care costs) and try and make up the difference in salary working weekends and/or nights. (And doing a few napkin calculations, if I got a minimum wage job ~20 hours a week, we would be ahead in income. But maybe behind in benefits, and more than likely way behind in retirement.)

a sign I know…MyBetterHalf keeps falling asleep ~8:45 on the sofa. Ah, just like old times!

So, July 1st, we took the test.
(And here I could say…”to be continued”…but I won’t. That’d be mean.)
It came back positive. Woo-hoo! But we had to remind ourselves that maybe it was ectopic, or chemical pregnancy, or something else could go wrong.

And since we had two test, we used the next one a couple days later. Why save it? When would we need it again?
Positive. (I think I used the Juno quote of “Your eggo is prego”)

So now, I have the background for this post written, there are only two ways for it to end, Happy or Sad. We’ll find out Wednesday morning which it is.

Version ONE – Happy
We’re having a baby!! I tell you more later! Please remember us in your prayers.

And SportsFans, do not use this as evidence of “relax and conceive”. Seriously, we tried for five years, and I’m sure we relaxed in the beginning, (let me check my sex-blog) then we used the help of doctors trying multiple methods, until finally we did IVF as a method of last resort.

written at work
…we just got back. It’s real. We saw the flutter of the tiny little heartbeat.
I am so excited.
And nervous.

People used to say when we told them we had boy – girl twins, “now you’re done”
Now we can reply, “Bass, Drums & Guitar”
Even though GBAtT wants to reply “Center, PointGuard, PowerForward, Shooting Guard, SmallForward…”

Evidently our OB/GYN said, “I’ll see you again” when MyBetterHalf told her we didn’t need birth-control. We asked today at the appointment, how often this occurs, a natural pregnancy after an IVF, we were told they see it about once a year at their clinic. We asked during the ultra-sound to look around for twins, just to be sure. Only one was found. (sigh of relief)

ETA March 6th

There will be less risks, and an easier pregnancy with a singleton
There will be fewer ultrasound pictures for our youngest child

(And to answer the question, we weren’t using birth control.)

It is kinda funny that previously, MyBetterHalf was a bit sad a few times because she knew we would never be pregnant again. And we missed feeling the kicking around they did and watching her belly get pushed out by a kicking or punching baby. Well, we get another chance. Thank you God.

Well, maybe I should try to concentrate on work.

this morning

22 July, 2008

I was feeding Mr. Grunty yogurt, and put a cheerio on top of the yogurt. He gave the spoon the strangest look, and moved his head back. He wouldn’t take a bite of cheerio on yogurt.

Miss Squeaky pulled down the precariously perched high chair trays, spilling cheerios all over. No was hurt or scared. Yay! But I was kinda hoping that she would’ve said “uh-oh”.

HS reunion 20 years

21 July, 2008

crap I’m old

I had all intentions on going…but the closer it got…the less thrilled I was at the concept.

So, I did what all HS kids do. Get their best friend to go, and catch up afterwards.

KemoSabe, was my best friend from my graduating class. I owe many things to him. He gave me my first guitar. He got me to run track & cross-country. A month after graduating, and I was clueless about what I was going to do for college, he drove me up to the big UW and paid my registration fee.

He was one of the two people I know, who had a plan in H.S. for career, and then did it. (The other is now a MedSchool Professor.) He is an urban planner. Yeah, I know, what kind of kid wants to do that? But he did. And along those lines, I have never known him to be lost, be it when we were on a training run in the woods or mountains, or driving around an unfamiliar city in a borrowed car. I trust him before MapQuest any day of the week, even if he was blindfolded.

I am very happy for his success, and look forward to hopefully soon meeting his cute 20 month old daughter. She (and her mommy) didn’t go to the reunion because KemoSabe only had a 48 hour pass in town. (Stupid work!!!)

We chatted about our kids. Told birth-stories. Caught each other up on what our respective siblings were doing. We didn’t talk about embarrassing high-school stuff. Not much about the reunion, except he told me, “a bunch of people say ‘hi’.”

While this was happening, Mr. Grunty and Miss Squeaky found a new, super fun game. Push-the-chairs-around-the-deck.

last week snippets

21 July, 2008

Miss Squeaky, sometimes, when she is given a doll, will bring it to her shoulder and burp it. So cute. (And then she’ll toss it aside…)

Mr Grunty is starting to experiment with one-handed walking. (He has one hand free, the other holding onto a parent.) I tried it, he was grasping my right index finger, and I had my other hand under his opposite arm, so he could feel support on his left side, and he started walking, and then I slipped my left hand away, and he kept going, a little more cautiously, but still one hand! yay!!

I heard Mr.Oliver-kitty yelp and I scurried to the childrens’ bedroom. Just then Oliver was trying to escape the bedroom, saw me, freaked out, ran back in, saw Miss S, freaked out, ran around and eventually escaped the room. All the excitement freaked out Miss S, and she started to cry. I hugged her, made sure she was alright. She was, no wounds, bite or scratches on her. I later checked up on Oliver, see if he was alright, he grudgingly licked my forehead. I figure that Miss S pulled his tail, he yelped and tried to get away. What a very good, and very well controlled cat. I would’ve thought he would use claws. He uses claws on me when I try to trim his claws.

Mr G and me have a new game. We’ll start on opposite ends of the room. Look at each other in the eye, and with a chuckle start crawling towards each other. He’s giggling the whole time. Then, a second before we crash, I go from a crawl, to stooped over on hands & feet, so the boy can pass underneath. (Very Inspector Gadget like if you ask us.) That is High-Larry-Ous!