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love seat

29 November, 2008

Last night, the humans in our family were sitting on the love seat. Papa and the childrens were having a sock fight ( throwing socks at each other, I taught them that yesterday whilst their mommy was at work). Then, Dritte wanted to play too, and I actually saw Dritte push MyBetterHalf’s belly out! We tried to see if Miss Squeaky or Mr Grunty wanted to feel Dritte kick, or watch mommy’s tummy, but they couldn’t sit still.


28 November, 2008

I just remembered….I am not taking “dystopian Liturature”. I don’t have to read Sinclair Lewis It Can’t Happen Here. I tried. But it was boring. Maybe later, when I am more mature. Here’s the thing, I enjoy politics, much like I enjoy sports, it’s fun, there’s competition…but I am not interested in learning about fake teams, or about fake political parties. It’s too much work. And I feel if I am going to learn all about the policies of candidates, it should at least be about ones that are real and I can vote for. Along those lines, I’m not really into the political manueverings of epic fantasty fiction. I gotta say, I am a bit escapist when I read.

Other issues with It Can’t Happen… Alright, this one isn’t Lewis’ fault, but it really bothers me when a back of book blurb says “a shockingly prescient novel”. I once saw a college version of Shakespeare’s Titus. Allegedly it had “stark parallels with George Bush’s Amerika”.   what-ever.  I always thought that if it was great literature, that it would have universal appeal, and not just be limited to whenever the blurb-writer doesn’t like the current administration.

And…I finished Richard Matheson‘s I Am Legend. Yeah, I know, the vampire movie that Will Smith was in. Since I’ve read it, I don’t think I need to see it. I kept thinking, maybe it’s a novel, because I need to read 24 novels this year…but…after thinking about it. It totally is a short story…sets up a scenario, and there’s a twist at the end. (And it’s only ~180 pages.)

“History of the world in six glasses” book 19 of 2008

27 November, 2008

funny, I got this as a [geeks]mas gift about 22 months ago.

I liked it.

the six beverages that changed history

  • beer
  • wine
  • liquor
  • coffee
  • tea
  • Coca-cola

for a lot of history, one of the above beverages made the water safer to drink.

some things I learned:

When coffee was originally being sold in coffee shops in England, it was taxed by the gallon, so, it was made in advance so the tax could be paid, and stored and rewarmed for service. “Perhaps the nearest modern equivalent…is the coffee in an office percolator that has been left switched on for a day or two.”(pg 282)

Many times, the guv’ment will pass unpopular laws, which are not enforced, which only undermines the guv’ment’s authority. For example Charles the Second trying to ban coffee-houses (pg 145). Or the Molasses Act of 1733 (pg 117).  [ hmmm…I wonder when we will quit trying to ban marijuana?]

One lawmaker suggested the banning of tea sales to poor, so they wouldn’t waste their money. (pg 196)

The East India Tea Company was very influential in British government ( I think I learned that in high school.)

Patent medicines, cure-alls made by quack doctors sold to cure every ill were very popular because of a “general distrust of conventional medicines, which were often expensive and ineffective.” (pg 233) Which reminded me of today with EmergenC or Airborne or Atkins….

thanxgivin’ at the park

27 November, 2008

so… we went back to the park, and it was crowded. There were four football (soccer) teams there, using the field. There were a bunch of toddlers playing on the playground toy. Very unusual to see the park in such high demand. I guess that’s good. Except for selfish reasons, we wanted it all to ourselves. They were very cute when they were on opposite sides of a pexiglass window, banging on it at each other.

a morning story

27 November, 2008

Miss Sqeaky took a dirty shirt of Mr Grunty.

Mr G fussed. Miss S ran away.

Miss S got the lamb, and took it to him, he quit fussing. Then she dropped the shirt, and he got the shirt.

(this happened a few days, maybe a week or two ago…I just forgot to publish it.)

Thanxgivin’ eve

26 November, 2008

Hey sportsfans. Funny story, my boss walks up to me and says, “I don’t think anyone will notice if you leave early tonight.” So, a few minutes later I was out the door, and someone called for me down the hall, “Hey, GBAtT! Where you going? I didn’t know you were closing the office early today.”

So, I got to rescue the childrens from daycare. They were happy to see me. But wanted to stay and play with the toys.

I am told, at the daycare, that two boys were fighting over a book. Miss Squeaky took the book from boy A, gave the book to boy O, then went back to boy A and yelled at him.

Finally, I convinced them to leave the daycare. We went to the park. It was dark, we walked across a wooden bridge, over a small creek. I asked the childrens if they knew the Legend of Sleepy Hollow. They were each holding one of my index fingers. And then, the clearing, and we saw…the entire artificial turf soccer field was lit, and we had it all to ourselves. ( I know, what a waste of electricity. We put it to use.) They walked around, patted the painted squares. And then, a bit later, in the distance, they saw their mommy. They screamed and ran across the field towards her.

dinner…they like kiwi…it’s funny looking, and good tasting

Tonight, Mr Grunty found a funny game…he was sticking out his tongue. We were on the couch, Miss S was at my feet reading, Mr G was sitting on my belly, I was laying down. I stuck out my tongue. HILARIOUS! he would try and grab it, would laugh if I pulled my tongue back in my mouth, and laugh even more if he touched my tongue.

UW women’s x-country #1

24 November, 2008


…and just so you know, they dominated, first place of 79 points, second place was 131. In cross country, seven on a team, the fast five runners of each team are counted by what place they came in, and lowest team score wins. If, UW fastest runner had not finished the race, the UW still would have won with a score of 106 points. And, I think the future for the team is pretty good, especially since the top two UW finishers, are freshmen.

UW site

NCAA site

now there’s no ball…but you run as a team, and your even if you are six place, and your score won’t be counted, if you beat another teams fifth place you make their score higher… I dunno…I am prejudiced about it ‘cuz I ran X-country back in the 80s. ( I’m old. ) Heck… cross-country is sport. But track still isn’t. And neither is synchronized swimming, NASCAR, or poker.

Apple Cup

22 November, 2008

HEY Sportsfans!! The most important football game in Washington until the Seahawks play the SuperBowl in their own stadium is today. APPLE CUP! the UW city-boys vs the WSU …hmmm….I can’t think of an original insult for an agricultural college.

And today’s is special, because it features a match up between two of the worst teams in college ball. Personally, I am hoping that WSU wins, because that will help solidify my chance of getting the head coach job under the campaign of “10% of the coaching cost, but same results”.

AND…I just have to add

UW is Number ONE!!

seriously, we are ranked #1 in the nation. For women’s cross country! Run strong!


22 November, 2008

The childrens are getting better at being helpful.

These days, Mr Grunty on his own volition will take his diaper to the trash.

Yesterday, I asked Miss Squeaky to put the wipes on the table. She picked them up, tried to get into the kitchen, I pointed at the table, and she was like “oh, yeah, the table” and put them on the table.

I am very happy at the little things they are learning.

The past few nights, when I return home, I have childrens squealing with delight, running and giving me hugs as soon as I am inside. It’s very sweet, and I think I’m gonna be sad when they out grow it.

Chris Rock

22 November, 2008

We watched the latest Chris Rock HBO special. It was OK, but his earlier ones were much better.

The best line, “George Bush *%#@ed up so bad, he made it hard for a white man to run for president.”