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True Blood

31 December, 2008

Hey Sportsfans…spoilers ahead.


what does she see in him?

31 December, 2008

…OK, I admit, I’m putting a little too much thought into vampire-human relationships.

Why would someone want to date a vampire? Sure, they are tough, and the ones on the big screen are dashing. But won’t it be a bit disturbing to kiss something that is room temperature? Especially in Forks?

Or…why does a vampire want to date a lowly human? We’re weak, we’re a constant temptation, we’re clumsy.

I do like Charlaine Harris explaination, Sookie likes vampire-Bill because she can’t read his mind, and so she can finally relax around him. I do like Stephenie Meyers, vampire-Edward likes Bella because he can’t read her mind. So, for the vamp-human relationship, to work, does one of them need to be a mind reader?

I find funny, when vampire Bill tells Sookie “I will protect you”, I always think “unless of course you’re in trouble in the sunlight”.

I think I like Anne Rice’s vampire mythos the best. The vamps didn’t care about humans, or sex, or drugs, or anything from their past lives. Feeding on human blood was way better than all of that.

childrens second x-mas

30 December, 2008

oh yeah…we had a Christmas day!

It started, with Mr Grunty going into the living room, pointing at the strings of green & blue lights, and grunting so we would plug them in.

They had fun ripping the x-mas paper. They liked the blocks (wooden & “Mega”) that we Santa brought them. Miss Squeaky got a doll that she hearts. Mr Grunty got a toy vacuum that he and his sister fight over. When we first gave him the box with the vacuum, since it had a bit of an angle, since the top of the box was smaller than the base, Mr Grunty at first was very pleased to have his own mini-slide.

The kitties enjoyed their toys.

And it snowed some more on X-mas day!

vampire rights amendment

28 December, 2008

I hope that Christmas for MyBetterHalf didn’t suck too much. I got her some SookieStackhouse books and promised to read them with her, and watch “TrueBlood” with her.

Now me, I’ve seen the Sookie books, and I have to say,  I prefer the cover art by Lisa Desimini a lot more than the HBO type cover.  (I now notice that Desimini did the cover for Animal Dreams by Kingsolver, which was another story I liked.) Maybe I should start choosing my reading lists by cover artist.

Now here’s the question, would we consider vampires our equals under the law. They seem potentially more dangerous than a pit-bull. (By the way, my boss has two pitbulls…and the biggest danger from them is downing from their slobber.) Every now and then TrueBlood talks about the politics of VampireRights, which I think is a little silly. They try to frame it in the same vein as the gay-rights struggle. I think if vampires came out of the coffin, then people would freak out and try to exterminate them.

I’ve read a bit of Charlaine Harris’s first book, and it seems that vampires are a part of society. This is the interesting part for me.

In TrueBlood, the characters I care the most are for Lafayette Reynolds, and Tara Thornton. I like Tara, “…school is for white people to read to other white people.”

Now why is it that girls fall for vampires? Do girls really like dangerous boys? Yeah, I don’t really care for the romance part of the story. ( Hmmm…as I felt for “Breaking Dawn”.) Doesn’t the 100-years-older-than-you, creep girls out?

And why didn’t they show this on regular TV. The only advantage that HBO has is showing more boobs, butts & blood. And saying the bad curse words. Mr Joss Whedon didn’t need any of that to tell a good story in “Buffy” , “Angel” or “Firefly”.

And seriously, when is this para-normal romance trend gonna end? Hopefully not before my Wer-gopher movie script gets green lighted for production.

Silent Night

24 December, 2008

we went to X-mas Eve worship service this evening. The roads are getting better. The snow is receeding.   😦

The song “Silent Night” is beautiful. And it is a good example of the importance of instrumentation. The melody is very nice, but an amateur singing it is way better than a Yo-Yo Ma playing it. I wonder if it used to be an old beer drinking tune?

Before and after Church we were at the Tiki-Lodge. We got food & presents!

During Church Mr Grunty took turns going from his mommy, to Blub, to Pablo. I’m glad he’s feel comfortable with them. Miss Squeaky was very happy when we gave her her baby, she squealed with joy, and was holding the baby tight and kicking her feet. She likes her baby. Today, she forced Mr Grunty to carry around his baby.

Mr G likes the oatmeal! I made a big bowl, he ate half of it. And that was after he scarfed down a scrambled egg. I hope he’s getting enough to eat. He doesn’t like to drink milk.

snow walk

21 December, 2008

I just got back from a 45 minute walk in the snow. I had multiple layers of clothing, near the end of the walk my toes were starting to get cold, which, not a surprise, because my boots are $10 puddle stompin’ boots, all I expect from them is to keep my feet dry. I’m glad I wear glasses, because the cold wind and snow kept splashing into my face.

It is beautiful out there.


19 December, 2008

I heart the snow. It makes everything pretty. And I get to pretend to be in survival mode for a bit because, well, in Seattle, we really don’t know how to deal with snow. Sure, y’all can mock and laugh. But we don’t get much chance to practice snow skills.  Maybe that’s one reason why houses are so expensive around here, everyone from more inhospitable climes got tired of deadly cold winters, or deathly hot summers. (I got no explanation for NYC or Chicago, they got cold, hot & expensive.) They gonna feel silly when the big earthquake hits, sometime within the next 500 seconds or years.

But, before you mock too much, Seattle only has 21 snow plow trucks that have to first clear 617 miles of such primary arterials, then 914 miles of secondary arterials. (I don’t think they care about side streets.) Doing the math, ~73 miles per truck. Oh, that don’t seem bad. Hmm…what’s our deal?

Anywho…last night, I went for a little walk through the local TwinPondsPark, because it’s fun.

tonight…had to use the theory of catch next bus that gets you close…ending up riding 3 different buses, and walking about between each. I was a bit tired getting home.

Luckily for me, MrGrunty knew what to do to warm me up. We played the crawling game!

Well, rumor has wind storm on the way. So I should start using the electricity for cooking and cleaning whilst we still have it. Luckily we haven’t been hit by an earthquake in the past 500 seconds.


16 December, 2008

This morning, MyBetterHalf snuck in to say bye to the childrens, and it woke them up, as it usually does. She likes seeing them, but knows they need their sleep. The childrens were so tired looking, but we know if we try to get them to go back to sleep, it won’t work.

I sat them on the couch, as they woke up. I tossed a couple of balls up their, and soon the three of us were playing catch. They found it funny when I had to scamper across the living room to fetch a ball.

Later, Miss Squeaky went to her crib, and was pulling on the arm of her doll, very frustrated she couldn’t get it between the bars. I gave the doll to her. Then Mr Grunty pointed at his doll and grunted, and I gave him his doll. They both held their dolls and walked to the living room.

Tonight…Miss S is really wanting to be held these days. And she prefers her mommy. Though I am sometimes and sorta OK substitute. Kinda.

Mr G thinks its funny to push his sister. Besides just removing him from the scene, we don’t really know what to do.

We heard Mr G say “mommy” for the first time.

bed time ritual

16 December, 2008

…just to keep y’all up to date…

Bedtime is around 8pm. We have been going closer to 8:30, but we really need to get right at 8pm.

Recently, they don’t want any help with teeth brushing. They just want to chew the toothpaste off the toothbrush. And, they noticed that their mommy rinses the toothbrush in the water in the sink, so they want us to rinse their brushes a couple of times during the brushing process. We try to brush their teeth, but they fight.

We put on sleep sacks, which, they know means bed time, and they aren’t too fond of it these days.

Sometimes they walk (tonight Miss S was holding my right index finger, and Mr G was holding my left index finger), or sometimes we have to carry them to their bedroom. Then MyBetterHalf & I get them close to each other, and say “twin hug” and Miss S will lean her head into her brother’s head and say “mmmmm”. Then each parent kisses each child, and we put them in their beds, and they both have a doll and a teddy bear. We tell them good night, and that we love them.

And then we have to coax Mr Oliver-kitty out of the bedroom, because he runs under Mr G’s crib to check for undesirables most nights.

Later, when the parentals are about to go to sleep, we sneak in to check on them. Oliver does a double check under the crib, too.

x-mas stuff

16 December, 2008

Last Saturday, there was Pablo’s b-day party, and WhiteElephant gift exchange…aka “Nasty X-mas”. I donated a box of comics from the early 90s. Anyone remember “the Sleepwalker”, oh, it was bad. Back then Marvel was at the height of their game and was cashing in…there were many cross over mini-series, which was a way to try and get loyal x-men customers to buy into a new series.  Anywho…I gave a bunch of comics away, some were bad, some had the x-men. The funniest one, was a Fantastic Four, with Spiderman, Wolverine & Hulk also on the cover with the caption of “The Fantastic Four: the world’s most commercial comic!”   Oh…and there was “the New Warriors” which was OK. And some DC Teen Titan.   I returned with nothing. I tried to get an awesome DnD print that I was planning on regifting…but someone was nasty and stole it. That’s alright, last year I got an early Basic DnD set.

Last Sunday, at the church was a x-mas pagent by the youngsters. Me & MyBetterHalf tried something different, and we took Mr Grunty & Miss Squeaky into the main worship hall so we could all see the pagent.

They liked the standing up & being held. They liked looking around. Eventually though they wanted something fun. Luckily, there were some cards for visitors that they played with. Then Miss S found a pen. That was fun. Until it rolled away. And papa wouldn’t let her crawl under the pews to go get the pen. She started to fuss, and I took her to the nursery for the last 15 minutes of worship.