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Lost season 5, episode 3

29 January, 2009

the Desmond and Penny love-story…I don’t really care for.

I have got to start wearing eye-liner. Seriously, maybe that’s why women live longer then men. Heck, it made Richard look young for 50 years.

maybe spoilers…



bed time & today stories

29 January, 2009

so…the childrens have toddler beds. Last night, they figured out, “hey, we can still play after Mommy & Papa leave our bedroom”.

First time I went in there, Miss Squeaky scurried back to her bed right away, as if she had been caught. Mr Grunty looked up at me as if to say, “could you turn on the lights, it’s tough to play with these blocks in the dark.”

It went on for about an hour, me hearing them, going in, putting them in their bed, them fussing, me leaving.

Eventually it was quiet in their bedroom. When MyBetterHalf and I, with Oliver-kitty’s help, went to check on them before we went to bed, Mr G was fast asleep, with his feet on the floor, and his torso on the mattress. And there were seven stuffed animals in his bed that weren’t there an hour before. Miss S had found her new favorite sleeping spot, she was wedged in by the headboard, going perpendicular to the mattress, so her feet were touching one side safety rail, and her head touching the other side safety rail.

this morning…

The childrens woke up in time to say “bye” to their Mommy before she left for work! That made her very happy.

Miss Squeaky put on a hat that Blub knitted for me. Miss S was very cute in papa’s hat. When I was putting shoes on Mr G, Miss S brought over his coat, draped it on his back and shoulders, then went to the front and adjusted the coat.

Tonight, while changing his diaper and clothes, Mr G and I did lots of singing and laughing.

Deep-fried kittens

29 January, 2009

I heart the Economist, especially when they have such articles as “Deep-fried kittens“.

It’s an excellent read.

this morning

27 January, 2009

Well…I haven’t yet made my kitchen sink shine, but this morning I did manage to do a bit of laundry and a load of dishes before the childrens woke up.

Around 7:30, (we’re supposed to leave at 8), I went to the childrens room and heard the shuffle of sleep sacks on the floor. They both were awake, and waiting by their door. I wonder when they were going to start making noise?

We had oatmeal for breakfast, because I haven’t gone shopping. Fortunately I made it tasty with lots of sugar!

Mr Grunty brought me his sister’s shoes.

Miss Squeaky took her brother his coat, but she wiped her nose on it first.

And I swear, when we went outside, Miss S said “ohmysnow”.

toddler beds

26 January, 2009

the childrens have officially graduated from their cribs.

Last night I put their new toddler beds together. When they finally got to go into their room, they were excited to crawl on their beds. And naturally stand on the mattress. We tell them to sit, usually they do, for a minute, then stand again.

I was worried about them falling out in the middle of the nights, so, my brilliant idea was to put a futon mattress ( aka Judo-mat) on the floor between their beds. The childrens loved the idea. Mr Grunty would sit on the edge of his bed, and tuck his head forward and land on the mat, landing on his head. Miss Squeaky would walk up to the edge of her bed, and then take a step into oblivion and try to run on the air, landing on her face. They loved it. They were laughing, and rushing back to their beds to do their acrobatics.

We took the futon mattress away.

It appears they slept in their beds the entire night last night. MyBetterHalf and I thought the childrens would go visit each other all through the night, and possible fall asleep on the same bed. ( uh-oh, what’s the weight limit on those beds? )

This morning, I heard Mr G, and went it. He was very cute, sitting up, blanket wrapped around him, not really awake. I whispered “hi”, and he pointed to his still sleeping sister. I said, “let’s be quiet, and let her sleep”. We snuck out, change his diaper, we chatted, we counted his toes, he pointed out our noses, ears, mouths & eyes.

But is was getting late, and we went to wake Miss S.

Later, the childrens played with Oliver-kitty. We have a cat toy, tied to a stick, Miss S was dragging it around, and Oliver stalked her. Later, Mr G was wacking the stick on the couch, and laughing as Oliver swiped at the stick.

When we went to the daycare, Miss S was very happy to carry the bag with their sippy-cups, and yelled at me when I tried to take it from her.

childrens climbing

23 January, 2009

They’ve figured out how to crawl up onto the big chairs. Now nothing on the tables is safe.

Tonight, Mr Grunty and I played catch with a ping-pong sized wiffle ball. He’s about as accurate at throwing as I am. At one point I was about to stop, but he let me know he wasn’t done playing catch. Then he crawled up into a big chair, had me hand him a very large Pilo the Clown picture book, and read to me.

Lost – season 5, episode 1 & 2

23 January, 2009

I gotta say. I watched it. I wasn’t really too keen on watchin’ it.

But I just sat back, and had fun.

And even though there’s time travel, which normally I really don’t care for, I didn’t try and figure stuff out, and just enjoyed the ride.

I heart the Daily Show

23 January, 2009

it seems to me, that the Daily Show even though they lean towards favoring the Democrats, will still point out the foibles of the Dems…

Please take this video, “Changefest ’09 – Obama’s Inaugural Speech“, where John Stewart points that Obama was using the same rhetoric that Bush has been using for 8 years.

It’s like, cheese is delicious on Italian food but when you melt it on Chinese food, it’s disgusting.

I heart the Daily Show.

idiocy won’t ruin my evening

19 January, 2009

I marinated a flank steak today, and was planning on broiling it. Got the oven all nice and hot, dang, guess what I forgot. Don’t broil in glass baking dish! (I’m such an idiot.)      There’s a reason you have a metal broiling pan. So, exploded glass all over the oven, smoke from the marinade filling up the house. Childrens getting fussy because they were hungry.

I turned off the heat, locked the kitties away, turned on fans and opened doors and windows to dissipate the smoke. Then made peas & corn, toast & eggs for the childrens. Miss Squeaky really liked the toast and the eggs. Mr Grunty really liked the peas and the eggs. Then whole-milk-yogurt and berries, which is the yum. And I gave them each five chocolate chips for desert. Miss S finished hers first, and was reaching for a chip on Mr G tray. I told him, if he wanted to give his last chocolate chip to his sister that would be very nice, but it was up to him. She grabbed his arm and started pulling him, and his tray closer to her. He ate the last chip.

Today we went and bought toddler beds for the childrens. And I took apart Mr G’s crib, since it was recalled. So, their bedroom is a bit rearranged. Which they think is fantastic, new places to explore. Miss S found a cool new hiding spot, Mr G wanted in there, and started fussing and pulling on his sister. I took him away, “don’t pull, she was there first.” Mr G then went to the door, and started opening and closing it and banging it against the bumper. Miss S went over to investigate what all the racket was, and then Mr G scurried over to the cool spot that his sister had just vacated.

Mr G was having fun playing with the potty-chairs this evening. (They were clean!) Maybe plumbing will be his career, there’s good money in it, and I hear that modern plumbing has saved more lives than modern medicine. How’s that for honorable. And seriously, which is more important. If your toilet springs a leak at 3AM, you call a plumber. If you feel a bit of chest-pain, you just think it’s heart burn and go back to sleep.

Later, Mr G found the birthday-crowns, and put his on his head. And then entertained himself by putting Miss S’s crown on her, and taking it off of her head, then putting it back on, laughing the whole time. She ignored her brother and just continued to play with the blocks.

Miss S successfully put one arm in a  jacket sleeve, but then was lost for what to do next.

When I told them it’s time to change diapers, Miss S got the towel we use for a changing mat, and started the process of fixing the towel. She’ll flap it, lay it down, tug on in, pick it up, toss it down,…the girl is looking for the true and perfect version of ‘towel-on-floor’.

After the diaper changing, Miss S put the diapers in the trash. Mr G put the cream back on the table.

As we got closer to bedtime, I took and put Mr G’s mattress on the floor. The childrens then enjoyed the next 20 minutes of doing laps on the mattress. Start at one end, crawl or walk to the other end, step or slither off, go around the box of stuffed animals, run to the start. Repeat.

And did I forget to go somewhere today? I didn’t see Moonbeam today!!

Happy 19 months

12 January, 2009

Happy 1 year and 7 months, childrens!

Here is what you did this morning.

Right before your mommy left for work, you woke up, and she then had to go in and see you. Making her late for the van pool. If you’re silent, she doesn’t go in there, because she knows you need your sleep, even though she really really really wants to see her babies, even for just a minute. You make her smile.

when you went to the living room, you directed us to turn on the strings of x-mas lights. What are you going to do when we take those down.

And you smiled at your mommy through the window.

We changed Miss Squeaky’s diaper. And she was very helpful, sat in the changing spot on the towel on the floor, leaned back onto the boppy-pillow, and stayed still while I changed her diaper. We counted her toes, just to make sure we didn’t lose any. All were there, and on the correct feet.

After I got Miss S pajamas back on her, we plaid a quick round of the crawling game. And we crawled and sang “ah-ah-ah-AH” back into your bedroom. Yes, it was still very interesting and different in there because we are using a pac-n-go play pen since Mr Grunty’s crib has had a safety recall put on it. And then you childrens wanted back in your cribs. I don’t know why, but you giggled and danced.

Then I reminded you that since you are 19 months old, today was the day you are to give up the pacifiers. I asked, “can you please give me your pacifier”. And normally, you do. But today. You ran to the opposite side of the crib, away from me, hunkered down, and pretended to go to sleep.

“Really? you want to go back to sleep?” So I turned off the lights and left.

You didn’t fuss. So I went to the sofa and gave Sophie-kitty some tummy rubbing and under-chin scratchin’. Sophie says “me-ewe” in gratitude.