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Go Magic, beat Lakers!

31 May, 2009

I was happy that the Magic won the series against the Cavs. So much for the Lebron-v-Kobe showdown that Nike wanted so very much. Lots of folks were expecting the Magic to defeat Lebron, because he doesn’t have a supporting cast. And now, the rumor mill will begin that Lebron will head to a better city…such as New York City.

I wonder, what if he took a substantial pay cut and went to a team that already was pretty good. Could he turn a contender into a champion. What if he went to Denver? Could he and Carmello co-exist? Can super-stars be down graded to stars and live happily? Or do you need guys that know they are simply role players, and they play their role…such as Shaine Battier, or Dennis Rodman, or Derrick Fisher, or Steve Kerr…

Although, the last time that happened, remember Gary Payton & Karl Malone both taking big pay cuts to play with Shaq & Kobe…and how Detroit Pistons beat them in the finals. (Although…it might have been different had Malone not been injured.)

Oh…maybe the last time was when Kevin Garnet & Ray Allen went to Boston. Only they didn’t take paycuts, and Boston hadn’t been a contender. That worked out well.

I hope the Magic win, they have the inside presence of Dwight Howard, and common wisdom is you need a great center to win…exceptions being Jordon’s Bulls, …and maybe last year’s Celtics – cuz Garnet doesn’t believe he is a center.

But Kobe…he’s good. And supporting cast of Gasol & Odom, provide height & muscle.

But Dwight has excellent shooters in Turkoglu & Lewis.

Should be fun!!

Saturday night

30 May, 2009

Well, I did a few chores.

Also, after toddlers were in bed, I made another ghetto raised bed, and put some corn in there. My other raised bed has the cutest little corn plants. I told Mr Grunty “that’s a baby corn”, and he pointed at the next one over and said, “tha’s the mama.” He also had fun digging in the dirt with his hands. Next to the baby & mama corn, I planted some radish seed from last year’s radishes that I let go to seed. We’ll see if that works.

One of my goals, is “the three sisters”…from The Daring Book for Girls. North East American Indians would plant corn, a few weeks later, beans that would climb the corn, a few weeks later, squash that would give ground cover and block out weeds.

Saturday morning

30 May, 2009

Sophie kitty gave me kisses this morning, some time shortly after sunrise. I think she was starving.

Dritte enjoyed hanging out with his mommy & papa this morning, and was smiling when I hid his feet under a pillow.

Miss Squeaky woke up, and wanted to put her shoes on right away.

I gave Mr Grunty a small green Gideon Bible to read while I changed his diaper. “It’s the Bible.” He replied with “its-ah Bye-bol bok”.

And yes, I still hate the Lakers.

So many chores to do, I don’t think I will do them.

I haven’t seen Oliver kitty since…uh oh….yup… He was locked in the bathroom. I let him in there so that he could drink from the tub faucet.

Memorial Day

29 May, 2009

We took the childrens to the FolkLifeFestival. We didn’t use strollers, I don’t know why, maybe ‘cuz we didn’t want to have strollers in the way. But most other children under 3 seemed to be in a stroller. Well, walking is good exercise for the childrens. However, it takes longer to get to & from parking.

Parking…kinda funny. The first place we saw, was $6, but no change. The smallest we had was a $10. So we drove to the next place. And paid $10. Ugh.

I wonder if the childrens liked the festival. I wanted to expose them to lots of music. We had lunch on a hill, next to a trio of percussionist playing buckets, and tap-dancing. Later we watched a bluegrass group, and also a western swing band…but I wonder if all the children saw were knee-caps of the crowd.

Then, we traveled south, to a 2 year-old’s birthday party. Our childrens were enthralled by the huge exercise ball. They played a bit with sidewalk chalk, though most of the time, the toddlers of the party had more fun stacking and unstacking the chalk as oppossed to drawing with it.  Later, me, Mr Grunty & Miss Squeaky showed the birthday girl how fun it is to play Ring-around-the-Rosey.

naturally, when we got home around 7:30, time to start getting ready for bed, the toddlers wanted to go on a walk.

Cavs – vs – Magic, game 3

25 May, 2009

I found it to be an entertaining game.

My guess why Cavs lost, is because they LeBron took too many 3 point shots, and they didn’t try an interior game, especially after Howard committed many early fouls. As Sir Charles says, “If you live by the three, then you’ll die by three.”

Howards last foul was bogus, he had a clean blocked shot. Oh well.

And Dritte enjoyed the game, too.

rough day

24 May, 2009

Last night, neither me, nor Dritte, nor MyBetterHalf had a good night’s rest.

Mr Grunty has puffy eye. Miss Squeaky had prolifically runny nose.  My throat was scratchy.

When getting ready for church, Miss Squeaky demanded to be held.

This afternoon, nap time, naturally the childrens played, and fell and cried, and got out of their beds. I was trying to take a nap w/ Dritte, but he was fussy, I think the boy is sick…he’s not seeming his self, and has eye-goopyies. I think we slept for a bit, before the toddlers were noisy and woke us. Then Dritte was angry, and all that would calm him down was walking around holding him.

I got the toddlers to stay in their beds, and they took a tiny nap. But they woke up too soon, and were grumpy. I was grumpy too.

So, I loaded them in the stroller, straped Dritte into the Bjorn, and we headed north, while MyBetterHalf balanced the checkbook.

Right now, MyBetterHalf is giving the toddlers a bath, and I hear lots of laughter. That’s good. (Mr G is also doing his best “puppy in the pound” barking imitation.)

There’s a saying, from my childhood, “somedays you eat the bear, somedays the bear eats you,” but since there is a bear in the neighborhood…I’m nervous.


23 May, 2009

Last night, we locked Sophie-kitty in the loft all night. No wonder the food dish still had food in it this morning.

Today, MyBetterHalf got to go get her massage that the Mother’s-Day-Monkey brought to her. So, I gathered up the childrens, put the toddlers in the stroller, (which gave Mr G opportunity to practice his favorite new sentence, “it’s a buckle”) strapped Dritte into the BabyBjorn, and we went for a walk. Then we went to TwinPonds. As it approached lunch time, I pointed at the soccer field and said to the toddlers, “the soccer field is open, let’s go there”. And they did. (A dude that was impressed that I was out solo with three children, was then even more impressed.)

Miss Squeaky and Mr Grunty decided that wanted to go barefoot. Which was fine on the astro-turf, and the grass, but they didn’t like it so much on the wood chips by the big-toy.

Before we headed all the way home, we made a stop by the metal bleachers, and banged on them, just to see the different sounds we could make.

At lunch, I was helping Mr G, and Dritte was throwing a fit. Miss S set aside her book, got down from couch, got baby-bottle, and gave it to Dritte. What a helpful little girl. (Dritte just wishes she would hold it still.)

After lunch, nap time. I tried to take a nap, but Dritte was a bit squirmy. I think I feel asleep, but too soon, was awoken by Miss S calling out “Papa”.

After the relaxed looking MyBetterHalf returned, we gathered everyone up again, and went back to TwinPonds. (She took the toddlers first, and me & Dritte had to catch up.) They were having fun on the swings. The childrens still like the swings, but are not as esctatically laughing about as the used to be.

Back to the soccer field, me and toddlers took off our shoes, and ran around and kicked the soccer ball. Oh-my-goodness…I can see the allure of pee-wee sports. Watch them run, stop, kick the ball 18 inches, … or seeing them try to kick the ball on the run, and stumble. Mr G seems better at kicking, Miss S just picks up the ball and does her best jump shot. Lots of laughter.

I have to preface this by saying, the past few days, Miss S has been grabbing Oliver-kitty’s fur , and coming up with two little fists of back fur. Tonight, we heard a scream from Miss S, and she was on our bed, Oliver-kitty was leaving the bed, and Miss S had a scratch on her nose.

During dinner, Dritte and I watched Lakers-Nuggets game 3. He didn’t get upset. Although I’m a little grumpy about Lakers win.

I remembered to water the gardens tonight! The potatoes and strawberries look fine, thankfully. No sign yet of corn. Stoopid morning glory is mounting and offensive.

Dritte is not happy

22 May, 2009

I had no idea the boy is an Orlando Magic fan. I found out when he started crying when we saw this play tonight.


19 May, 2009

I was very pleased with myself last night, because I was in bed by 9:30pm. About to chatch up no sleep. Y’all know where this is going, right? Well, about 10pm, Miss Squeaky was crying about something. After about 30 minutes of checking on her, calming her, leaving, and going back again 5 minutes later, I took her to the living room so we could snuggle and hopefully she would calm down. She didn’t want to snuggle. She wanted to read the “3 Bears” book. (Did she know something I didn’t know about bear in our neighborhood, ‘cuz, kids are supposilby more ‘in-tune’ with that sort of thing?)

Miss Squeaky was very fussy, and I was getting frustrated,…but eventually she went to sleep. At 1:30AM. Stoopid Murphy’s Law struck again.

This morning, Mr Grunty opened the his door all by himself! Uh oh, that means one level of security is now meaningless. And his word this morning, “glasses” when touching my glasses.

I get home, the childrens show me pieces of crayons and say “broke”. Their mommy then told me that they had been sitting their and laughing about their new found ability to break the crayons.

Tonight, we went for a little walk before the rains returned. Dritte was very cute, facing forward in the BabyBjorn, wearing one of my knit-caps. Miss S and Mr G both touched the stop-sign post when I asked them too, and then they had me lift them up so they could touch the actual red-octagon-sign.

We read books. Mr G really likes “Gallop”, and will flip a page and say “wha’s dat?”   I decided to be tricky, and answered the wrong animal. He immediately said, “No. Wha’s dat?”   When I answered wrong on the cat page, “No. Ki-ee.”

Miss S after she washes her hands in bathroom, which can take up to 6 hours unless a parent intervenes, will pull down a towel to pat her hands on the towel. And then she bend her legs, and try her best jump shot to get the towel back on the bar. With giggles when it doesn’t work.

this evening…by the letter “B”

18 May, 2009

I get home, and the childrens immediatly want down from their high chairs.

We played with blue blocks. (I don’t know if Mr Grunty knows what blue means yet, but he really likes to say “boo blok”.)

We played catch with balls. Miss Squeaky went and found a soccerball that we should have taken back outside.

We read books. This one was the toughest, because both toddlers wanted to be the only one sitting on papa’s lap. We had a compromise crafted, when I had Mr G on my lap, and I put Miss S on my shoulders. She used the opportunity to kick her brother in the head.

And, there was a bear in the neighborhood today.

addendums to yesterday…