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Happy 7 months, 5 days!

30 September, 2009

Mr Cuddles has a tooth!

He can use all four limbs for crawling position, but not at the same time, sometimes just arms (head way up high), sometimes just legs (but in the air), sometimes a combination.



27 September, 2009

I hope Miss Squeaky learned a valuable lesson tonight.

Do NOT leave an unguarded cake with your brother. She was helping MyBetterHalf give Mr Cuddles a bath. When she returned, very proud of being helpful, and wanting to reward herself for her good deeds, she found that her bowl had only coffee-cake crumbs.

She was not happy. We gave in and gave her another small bit.

Then Mr Grunty wanted more to. We tried to explain he had enough, since he had his and his sisters. We gave in.

Probably the lessons learned were:

  • “If you cry, you get what you want.” Miss S
  • “If you eat really fast, and then steal your sisters, then you can get more when she cries.” Mr G

I don’t think I’m wise enuff to be a parental unit.

Endurance – Shackleton’s Incredible Voyage

25 September, 2009

Alfred Lansing, decades after the event, interviewed the crew, had access to diaries, and built a fine story of what went on in 1915. I enjoyed this tale of survival, and recommend to anyone wanting a good “man-vs-nature” story. Shackleton wanted to be the first to cross the Antarctic. This is the story what happened instead.

Great opening line, “The order to abandon ship was given at 5pm.”

I am amazed at what the men went through, and how they stayed sane under horrible conditions…such as, “living in a smoky, dirty, ramshackle little hut with only just sufficient room to cram us all in: drinking out of a common pot…and laying in close proximity to a man with a large discharging abscess” (pg 212). They were trapped together for months, and eventually had said everything there was to say to each other.

Shackleton was a good leader, willing to do the horrible and dangerous jobs that everyone else had to do.

They endured because for them “life was reckoned in periods of just a few hours, or possibly only a few minutes – an endless succession of trials leading to deliverance from the particular hell of the moment.” (pg 226)

I’m not sure how I would fare in survival conditions. I pray that I would have a fraction of the strength that these men had.


25 September, 2009

This morning, before I was given permission to change his diaper, Mr Grunty said “papa up” and when I picked him up, he reached his little hand up, and said, “seee-Ling”, so I picked him up further and let him touch the ceiling. He was happy and now ready to have his diaper changed.

Miss Squeaky saw, and wanted to touch the ceiling too. So I picked her up, and noticed she had a wipe. “Are you going to clean the ceiling?” I asked. She wiped off the ceiling when she got there.

Then, Mr G said, “Papa up…klain seee-ling”, because he wanted to help clean the ceiling. I told them they were very helpful.

“Varry holp-fol” they repeated.

Tonight, Mr Cuddles noticed that if you hit the spoon, you can make it move. Only a matter of time before baby food is splattered across the ceiling. Good thing I have to helpful toddlers.


20 September, 2009

One of the great things about being a parent, is you can tell your children lies.

This morning, on our way to Church, Mr Grunty & Miss Squeaky saw a yellow-school-bus depot. They excitedly brought it to our attention.
“Yes, that’s a bus farm,” I said.
“Busfarm” Mr Grunty repeated.
“They plant tiny buses in the spring, and look what you get,” I said. Right then a big metro bus went by. “And that one got lots of fertilizer.”

MyBetterHalf scolded me.

So, what do you do when you lie to be nice? For example, I believe that the parents should believe that they are the first ones to see their baby take first steps. But if the child does it at daycare, the parents need to know for safety. I would say, the daycare should say, “Jr is really, really close to walking.” And hopefully that will avert any disasters, but the parents still feel they were the ones to see it first.

What about lies to spare someones feelings? “Oh, Aunt Matilda, I love the liver-bisque!” whilst trying not to vomit.

I don’t know if I’m qualified to teach my childrens under what circumstance they should lie.

Maybe I’ll just lie to them and say, “Honesty is always the best policy.”

Dash Point

19 September, 2009

Today, our good friend Shay, had organized a reunion of some folks I used to work with in the long-long ago.

At the beach, Miss Squeaky & Mr Grunty were very interested in the “wha-dee” and wanted to go walk in the waves. Previously this summer, they were afraid of the waves, but they’ve matured, and Miss Squeaky wanted to go wading in deeper than I would allow. Mr Grunty was tickled by the waves hitting his feet, and the sand being pulled away as the water drained back into the Sound, and the sea weed being left between his toes. Miss S did not like the seaweed after we left the water.


15 September, 2009

I have so many brilliant idears (yes, “eye-dee-er-zzz”) for blog post…but…well, ya know.

So today I’m gonna get some stuff off the blog-brain-queue.

  • Guilt, I feel bad for recycling some of the toddlers art work. But I know it must be done. I do have a couple of their pictures hanging up at work. I tell people it’s no Kandinsky, but it’s better than JacksonPollock.
  • Me & MyBetterHalf saw District Nine on our date night. I enjoyed it the date, and the movie. I feel I would be like
  • Last night, me, Mr Grunty & Miss Squeaky went out to pick green beans. We got enuff for a serving. Miss S is very good at picking berries, and beans. Mr G is a bit more hesitant, maybe he doesn’t want to break the plant. After I sauteed them, the toddlers were happy¬† to snack with me. I’m told they were “nummy”.
  • Last Sunday, MyBetterHalf gave the kitties a bath.
  • Remember, Kanye warned us “We rappers … we rap we don’t think”.
  • I’ll predict now, neither Lakers, Celtics, nor Cavs will win the NBA championship in 2010.

Hey Sportsfans

12 September, 2009

A while ago… a relatively unknown girl ran REALLY fast in a big race. She ran faster than anyone else has run this year for her race. I can understand the concern, it would seem highly unlikely that anyone can improve that much, that quickly without performance enhancers.

Then people wondered on the global stage if she was actually male. So, a very detailed tests that “involves an endocrinologist, a gynecologist, a psychologist, and both internal and external examinations.” In my not so humble opinion, these issues should be dealt with BEFORE the race.¬† No matter what happens, she has been globally humiliated.

Here’s a nice little five page essay that deals with the complexity of gender & sport.

My prayers are with you, fast-runner-girl, no matter what the International Association of Athletics Federations decides when they meet Nov 20-21.

Child mortality: Progress made | The Economist

10 September, 2009

Child mortality: Progress made | The Economist

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World wide, more kids are reaching their fifth birthday, which just goes to show you that thing are Getting Better All the Time.

Yes, there’s a long way to go, but this still makes me smile.

Happy 0-6-2-1

9 September, 2009

Mr Cuddles, at 6 months and two weeks, slept from 8:45pm until 7AM this morning!

(Either that, or he didn’t cry loud enough to wake his parents.)

MyBetterHalf says she woke up several times to go check on the boy.