Hey Sportsfans

A while ago… a relatively unknown girl ran REALLY fast in a big race. She ran faster than anyone else has run this year for her race. I can understand the concern, it would seem highly unlikely that anyone can improve that much, that quickly without performance enhancers.

Then people wondered on the global stage if she was actually male. So, a very detailed tests that “involves an endocrinologist, a gynecologist, a psychologist, and both internal and external examinations.” In my not so humble opinion, these issues should be dealt with BEFORE the race.  No matter what happens, she has been globally humiliated.

Here’s a nice little five page essay that deals with the complexity of gender & sport.

My prayers are with you, fast-runner-girl, no matter what the International Association of Athletics Federations decides when they meet Nov 20-21.


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  1. good news from Al Jazeera « Getting Better All the Time 4.0 Says:

    […] rumors and stupidity by the International Association of Athletics Federations, has granted fast-runner-girl the right to keep the gold medal she won back in […]

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