I have so many brilliant idears (yes, “eye-dee-er-zzz”) for blog post…but…well, ya know.

So today I’m gonna get some stuff off the blog-brain-queue.

  • Guilt, I feel bad for recycling some of the toddlers art work. But I know it must be done. I do have a couple of their pictures hanging up at work. I tell people it’s no Kandinsky, but it’s better than JacksonPollock.
  • Me & MyBetterHalf saw District Nine on our date night. I enjoyed it the date, and the movie. I feel I would be like
  • Last night, me, Mr Grunty & Miss Squeaky went out to pick green beans. We got enuff for a serving. Miss S is very good at picking berries, and beans. Mr G is a bit more hesitant, maybe he doesn’t want to break the plant. After I sauteed them, the toddlers were happy  to snack with me. I’m told they were “nummy”.
  • Last Sunday, MyBetterHalf gave the kitties a bath.
  • Remember, Kanye warned us “We rappers … we rap we don’t think”.
  • I’ll predict now, neither Lakers, Celtics, nor Cavs will win the NBA championship in 2010.

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