This morning, before I was given permission to change his diaper, Mr Grunty said “papa up” and when I picked him up, he reached his little hand up, and said, “seee-Ling”, so I picked him up further and let him touch the ceiling. He was happy and now ready to have his diaper changed.

Miss Squeaky saw, and wanted to touch the ceiling too. So I picked her up, and noticed she had a wipe. “Are you going to clean the ceiling?” I asked. She wiped off the ceiling when she got there.

Then, Mr G said, “Papa up…klain seee-ling”, because he wanted to help clean the ceiling. I told them they were very helpful.

“Varry holp-fol” they repeated.

Tonight, Mr Cuddles noticed that if you hit the spoon, you can make it move. Only a matter of time before baby food is splattered across the ceiling. Good thing I have to helpful toddlers.


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