back at the PDZA

A bit ago, we took a family fun day and headed down to T-Town and visited the PDZA.

I timed it wrong, and the toddlers got grumpy and then just fell asleep at the end of our expedition.

They really enjoyed the Meerkats. There was a big windowed room, with Meerkats running around. MrGrunty was very excited and he and a Meerkat were chasing each other next to the window.

They also saw some critters…that…well, let’s say with a name like the Goliath Bird Eating Spider, you just don’t want to see it. The toddlers were not phased by it, and just pointed, “it’s Itsy”.   In the toddler area, they had a mockup net in shape of a spider web for the kids to play on.

There was a herd if Nigerian Dwarf Goats, that we bought food for to feed. The toddlers were excited to hold the food pellets, but as the excited goats got near the fence, and stretched out their necks towards the childrens. MissSqueaky and MrGrunty took steps back and away. “Papa do it,” and handed me the food. Somehow, I coaxed MissS to feed a goat. I think she was too nervous to enjoy it.

We went to the aquarium part. MrG really liked it. One of my favorite parts, MyBetterHalf was carrying MrCuddles, and a big gold fish swam by, and MrCuddles turned his head to watch the fish swim away.

The childrens were also mesmerized by the walruses, when we were in the underwater portion and they swam by.

After that, we went and visited my mommy.


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