puzzles and accusations

MrGrunty and MissSqueaky enjoy playing with puzzles. We have three small wood based, one picture of dinosaurs, one picture of farm, one the map of the United States. We also recently acquired a large foam-mat puzzle, which, OliverKitty believes makes a great scratching spot. With the wood puzzles, MissS has recently learned the trick of MrG, that when you “knock-it-down” by flipping it over, if you are careful, the puzzle will remain intact, although upside down, and one can use the upside down as a guide of where pieces go. Usually, MissS made it difficult for herself, by making sure that all the pieces were separated before she began. The map puzzle, pieces are mostly shaped like the states, so they don’t stick together. I think by now my childrens know the map better than I do. The foam puzzle is odd…all the inside pieces can fit together, and all the edge pieces can fit together, so, you can fix the puzzle, everything connected, but the picture can be totally wrong. I think this is so kids practice putting shapes together, but it is odd for me.

Now-a-days, when we ask, “who has a poopy diaper” or “who wants to get dressed” the toddlers will quickly implicate each other.


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