almost crawling

MrCuddles spent most of his day moving around, scooting around, rolling around. He would get up on hands-and-knees and rock front to back. MyBetterHalf saw him scoot both knees forward. I’m very excited (both happy and nervous) to have him crawling all over the place. MissSqueaky & MrGrunty will need to learn to put up their puzzles. Especially the Vermont piece.

Today, right after lunch we took a family stroll to the neighborhood elementary school to play on the playground. The temperature was moderate, there was a strong breeze from the North, and from the West, the sun was shining and nary a cloud in sight. But the playground was empty, no one around. Then we saw a branch blow by, that looked an awful lot like a tumble-weed! MyBetterHalf turns to me and asks, “Are zombie’s about to attack?” I love her.


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