radish and harvest 2009 recap

for reference, the radish seeds from last year…worked.

I just pulled up about a dozen radishes that I planted August 9th.

Dang it. I should have waited until the weekend, so the toddlers could help…but then again, there are tiny scratchy spine/thorn/stickers on the radish stems.

I have one plant of radish, that I let go to seed, that I need to harvest. And then  maybe this year, on the cold wet days of winter, I can pick the seeds from the pods. Or not. We have TV these days, you know.

So this year:

  • I am successful at growing radish, from my own seeds!
  • Acceptable with strawberry. Though the 24 plants from Brad did not produce, but they grew and sent out runners. The strawberry patch needs some serious weeding & pruning.
  • I am OK at potatoes. I think there’s still some in corn plot #2.
  • Laughable at corn.
  • Sad with green beans.

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