progress & potato

Today, I am very happy to say, Ms Squeaky & Mr Grunty helped me harvest some potatoes. They were hiding in corn plot#2. No, I didn’t plant any there this year, just some left behind from last year…and when they could, got a bit of sun between the corn leaves. MsS & MrG seemed to have almost as much fun as me. I was very careful with the pitchfork, and made them stand far away when I was using it. (We must remember, farming is dangerous work.) MsS was more enthusiastic about getting the potato from the dirt, but, MrG made me proud by being brave enough to touch a worm.

PotatoHarvest2009Ya like how they are using their Easter Pails?

I am starting to think, potato (and not corn) may be my favorite plant. I forgot about them, and I still got a harvest. I want to configure a way to grow them, like they do in a stack of tires, but without the tires. Maybe wicker baskets….hmmm…

Mr Cuddles is getting very good at sitting and keeping his balance. For many minutes at a time. Yay, Mr C!

I am happy to say, Mr Grunty is taking more interest in his baby brother. The other morning, whilst Mr C was in the exersaucer, Mr G brought him a toy…and then another…saying either “here-go” or ” ‘nother-one”. And then he got mad when MsS tried to take one, leaving MrC with more than a dozen.

Along those lines, the toddlers are revisiting the classics. They are requesting to be read “Brown Bear”, or “Little Bear Who Do You Love”. And then when they see a toy we bring out for Mr Cuddles, they make sure to test it out, to make sure it’s still fun.

MsS is getting much better with the puzzles, not getting frustrated as much, better at the problem solving.


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