zombie book

Mark Henry’s Happy Hour of the Damned…is bad. But you knew that, didn’t you. And I was warned by the person who gave it to me, because I wanted “books on zombies”.

Mr Henry explores what if a soulless, smart-ass, fashionista becomes a zombie, who still has a brain. (“Ghoul” is the book’s term for ‘Zombie with consciousness’). So, I liked the gimmick, because aren’t vamps & were-wolves over played? But seriously, the main character, I didn’t want to know her BEFORE she started consuming human flesh.

The  good:

“You look it up. I’m not big on accuracy. I’m in advertising for Christ’s sake.” (pg 137)

“I’d taken heroin chic to its next logical step: postmortem elegance.” (pg 274)

“The conversation ultimately turned to the rollicking topic of favorite foods, it continued deep into the night.” (pg 213)…   LOL, been there, done that!!

The bad…

A few things that bothered me, allegedly the book happens in Seattle, but I’m not sure if the author has ever been to Seattle, despite what the book jacket claims about his residence.  There was the cliche of Seattle always raining…but it is described as a heavy rain, not the usual mist we in Seattle get for days on end, culminating in a mere millimeters of precipitation. There was lightning, which is rarer than snow in these parts. Or there was reference to “Seattle Community College”, dude, there are three, pick one, or just say “local community college”.

If I can’t trust you on basic geography, how can I trust you when you talk about fashion?

Allegedly the Seattle of the book has about 10% supernormal population…zombies, vampires, demons, yeti, were-animals… And no one notices the missing people who end up as food. The heroine says they prey upon those that no one would miss…the homeless, the run-aways,… Sorry, the math isn’t adding up…if 1% of the population is killed per month, you’re gonna notice. And it seems the heroine feeds more than monthly.

And…every now and then Mr. Henry will toss in a serious topic, like how the heroine was molested by her step father at age 12, or how homeless kids have to turn tricks to survive…in between fashion banter or snarky comments.

The Ugly… the sex…well…I do like how the author brings up the fact that if you are dead, there are new issues to deal with.


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