stories of the week

One morning, Mr Cuddles was the first one awake. His siblings were sleepy, and slept in until 8AM. So, Mr Cuddle and I snuggled on the couch, made faces, he had his bottle, we made silly noises. And then, he wanted to look outside. So, as a baby is want to do, without warning he jerked himself around so he could kinda see outside. I adjusted him, and then his face was just barely peaking over the couch to look out the window. Yes. We were very cute.

This morning, Miss Squeaky & Mr Grunty both picked up their phone, “call mommy…hi mommy…you working…bye”.

Also this morning, I was lucky to have all of my childrens sitting next to me on the couch. Yes. We were cute.

The other morning, Mr G woke up, and was fussy. I picked him up to console him, because I understand, mornings can be rough. He reached out his hands, “papa, git it!”  and eventually, I was steered in the right direction, so that Mr G could pick up a little cloth-book for babies, and then gave it to Mr Cuddles. Then Mr G was happy.

“Papa, draw an ‘O‘ “, Mr G spent the evening telling me. The next night, he let me have a bit more variety, I was allowed to draw squares and triangles.


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