breakfast time

Mr Cuddles gets a bottle in the morning. Ms Squeaky likes to hold him and his bottle. She’ll get on the sofa, scoot over to a side, so she’ll have a pillow, and I’ll lay Mr Cuddles on her lap. Usually by this time Mr Cuddles is very excited and wants his bottle. She holds it, I sit by, just in case, even though, so far I have not been necessary. She smiles, looses concentration and the bottle isn’t level, I adjust the bottle. Then Mr Cuddles and Ms Squeaky get into their routine. He starts either hitting her face, pulling her hair, or grabbing for her nose. She just squints her eyes, smiles, and turns her head.

Mr Grunty prefers his english muffin without butter. The first few times he threw a fit when I handed it to him with butter on it. I wonder if he likes his toast done on one side?

This morning, Ms Squeaky saw the bunch of bananas, pulled one off, and tried to open it for a minute. Then she gave it to him “papa holp”. I peeled it a bit, and she was happy to eat it like a big person, still with some peel attached. She was very cute. (But don’t leave those stringy-fibers on the side of the banana, she does not like those!)

Making my life more difficult, I tried to define “coco” as “chocolate milk that is hot”. Naturally Ms Squeaky likes chocolate milk, and Mr Grunty likes coco.


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