Soon, my wonderful Sportsfans, I will be going into the crazy land of NaNoWriMo. Wish me luck. So far, I have two to travel with me, so it won’t be totally terrifying.


But a few stories before I go.

The other morning, MsSqueaky wanted into the bathroom, it was time to get ready to go, but I let her in. A few minutes later, I returned to see her holding her baby doll, while the baby is sitting on her potty. Yes, it is time to start the potty training for MsS. Then, Ms S took the baby to the changing pad, and got a wipe, because her baby doll had “owie butt”.

Mr Grunty, the other morning, wanted me to draw. “Papa draw ping” (or did he say “pain”?) Mr G politely lasked. This went on for a few minutes, Mr G would get more and more upset, until finally, I realized he was saying “plane”.

The other morning, Mr Cuddles woke up around 4am, had a diaper that needed changing, and after we changed it, with a big smile on his face, Mr C did a little kicking-dance laying on the bed, looked at MyBetterHalf and me, as if to say, “Mommy, Papa…I’m awake, you’re awake…let’s hang out! It’ll be awesome!”

Bedtime rituals these days:

  • Mr Grunty has been falling out of his bed. This doesn’t wake his siblings.
  • Ms Squeaky has been sleep walking, we think, she’ll wander around, and sometimes go back to her room, sometimes just go to our bed and stand there. (If she’s awake, she knows how to crawl in, or ask for help.) Once, MyBetterHalf saw MsS just standing at a doorway, eyes closed.
  • Mr Cuddles, usually nurses a bit before bed, and then will either sleep through the night, or, wake up at either midnight, or 4am. If midnight, I can usually cuddle him back to sleep. If 4am, he’ll want to be nursed back to sleep.

This morning, Mr G & Ms S, had their baby dolls, (Mr G has “pink-baby” and Ms S has “blue-baby”), and they were teaching their baby dolls how to crawl on the floor in front of Mr Cuddles.

At lunch time, Mr G & Ms S were happy to take turns and feed their baby brother prunes & pears whilst they sat on papa’s lap.



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