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childrens stories

26 November, 2009

Yester-morning, Ms Squeaky and Mr Grunty were sitting on her bed, reading a book. Then Mr G said, “Count it Sque-ey, count it”.

Ms S – “one, too, for, five, six, nine, ten”

Mr G “good job, Sque-ey, good job!”

But don’t worry, earlier that morning, they were fighting on the number of stars.

Mr G “one, too, sicks, sevin, nine, ten”

Ms S “NO! one, too, five, sicks, sevin, ate, eleven, twelve”

Mr Cuddles is crawling all over. But the cute story of the yester-morn, was when I was changing his diaper, and I gave him a small, inflatable basketball to distract him, he had big smile, sticking out his tongue, palming the ball…it was a cute little Micheal Jordon impersonation. He recently has learned the fun of sticking out his tongue, he happened to discover it one night while we were feeding him, and so we had a little freak out that he was having an allergic reaction, to something he had already been eating for a week. He likes that ball, and will chase it around the living room. Aw-yeah…my boy hustles for the rebound!

Phrases from Ms Squeaky

“tord-ler” is for stroller, took a while for us to figure that out, we thought turtle

“Que-guen Muk” is question mark

“Ducky-dooo!!” for the sound a rooster makes

And from tonight, “Spider tastes good!” ….in reference to the sparkling apple cider.


bad news from Al Jazeera

19 November, 2009

Oh sports fans…it is good to be passionate about the game. But we must restrain our passions if our passions bring harm to another….I’m looking at you British football hooligans, Lakers-fans-post-NBA-championship, and I’m also looking at Africa. I heard about this from our daycare provider, she told me Egypt & Algeria might be going to war over a soccer match.

So, I investigated.

Thanks to Youtube, and the small video recorders that are ubiquitous, we see that the Algerian team’s bus was attacked after leaving the airport in Cairo.  I don’t care who is visiting you, you make for damn sure they are treated with respect and travel safely. Shame on you Egypt.

Don’t worry, Algeria won the match, thus qualifying for world cup.

And now Egypt has recalled its ambassador to Algeria after World Cup qualifying football matches between the two countries resulted in a number of outbreaks of violence.

Have I mentioned that I don’t like soccer?

…a follow up…I like it when I scoop a story…today, Dec 3rd, Foreign Policy is finally writing about this.

good news from Al Jazeera

19 November, 2009

Hey sportsfans, I am very happy about this!

After months of hand wrangling, rumors and stupidity by the International Association of Athletics Federations, has granted fast-runner-girl the right to keep the gold medal she won back in August.

Details from our friends at Al Jazeera.

federal overreach

19 November, 2009

Not all good ideas are good laws.  (wait, that doesn’t apply.)

How about, The Tenth Amendment of the US Constitution.

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

However, in trying to make the nation a safer place…

Citing an increase in the number of subway and light-rail crashes and resulting passenger injuries, the Obama administration will push for legislation that would allow the federal government to set and enforce safety standards on the nation’s transit systems, officials said on Sunday.

Each branch of government should have clearly defined roles. And the role of the local government is to supervise local transportation. If the local government can not do that, then that is the fault of the local voter.

Will that mean that different areas will have different safety levels in their community transit? Yes.  But in life, we make choices, and we get to compare and try and match our purchases with our priorities. Our neighborhoods have different safety levels. Our food has different safety levels.

One of the main benefits of states-rights, is that voters can compare their state against another state, and see if there is a better way. I view the fifty states as fifty little laboratories in action.

President Obama, your administration has enough on its plate.


rum & coke at the FDA

14 November, 2009

once upon a time, I drank a rum and Coke. It was disgusting and I decided that the best way to enjoy the worlds most popular beverage, is unadulterated Coca-Cola straight from the can. No ice, either, thank you.

Now, the FDA wants to regulate that awful drink. What? you ask. Well, first they’ll come for the come for the Liquid Charge ™…and I suspect that eventually they’ll outlaw the 182 alcohol and coffee drinks .

FDA press release explains their power to regulate:

…a substance added intentionally to food (such as caffeine in alcoholic beverages) is deemed “unsafe” and is unlawful unless its particular use has been approved by FDA regulation, the substance is subject to a prior sanction, or the substance is Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS)

I think, using Starbucks as our main argument, that caffeine is Generally Recognized As Safe by our society.

Why the concern? I suspect because some crazy college kids are drinking high energy alcoholic drinks and then acting crazy.

But don’t worry, the a few scientists wrote a letter…the best parts are:

there is emerging evidence that increased exposure to psychoactive drugs in general (including alcohol and caffeine) is associated with an increase in the risk for later drug dependence.”  (Yes, Irish Coffee is a gateway drug. )

The methodological limitations of these studies make extrapolation of the findings very difficult.

Yes, we must protect the college age kids. Well, unless of course they join the military. It amazes me how much trust we put in an 18 year old when she’s paid to carry an M-16, but how little we will trust her two years later when she’s carrying a college textbook.

Yeah…before you know it JackDaniels&Pepsi & Hot Toddy will all be subject to FDA purview.

By the way…I think the ATF’s ban of “flavored” cigarettes is also a horrible idea.

This goes back to one of my core political philosophies:

Not all good ideas are good laws.

kitty story

12 November, 2009

the other morning, after MyBetterHalf left for work, and while the childrens were still sleeping…

Sophie-kitty approached me, and rubbed up against my leg. Oliver kitty trotted over, stopped, sat, and looked at us with his head tilted to the side.

Sophie-kitty then charged him.

Last night, when everyone else was sleeping, I played with the kitties. I was tossing a tiny wiffle ball close by Sophie, who was hanging out on top of the kitty tower, she would either bat it away, or catch it with her claws. Then using a new & different piece of string, I had Oliver running all over. When I went upstairs to write, the kitties were playing tug-o-war with the string.

making me happy

8 November, 2009

You know the answer. It’s my childrens.

The other night, at bedtime, Mr Grunty wanted “papa sing song”. I asked him what he wanted, “ABC”, and when I asked him if he would sing with papa, he said yes. You have to sing slowly, because he can’t remember the words fast enough, but he gets about half of them, with a big smile on his face. I told him goodnight, and he wanted another song, “driving song”. (“Are yu dwiving, are yu dwiving, on de woad, on de woad…”)

That was one he learned from a toy. I didn’t like that toy at all, the song was so annoying, and then my toddlers started to sing along with the “driving song”, and my heart melted and I appreciated the toy. ( I even put up with the randomly selected other annoying songs they had to go through to get to their song.) Then I turned to Ms Sqeaky, “would you like to sing a song with papa?” She smiled a shy little smile and whispered “star”, and we quietly sang “twinkle twinkle little star”. I was very happy, usually she doesn’t sing when her brother is around. (Gee…I’m tearing up a bit now, thinking of it.)

Last night, we finished the big foam coral reef fish puzzle. Then, as celebration, Mr Grunty stood on the foam puzzle and started running in place, “papa stomp”. So, me, Mr G and Ms Squeaky spent the next few minutes playing follow the leader on the puzzle, “touch nose!…touch ears…jump…touch feet…tickle mommy’s feet…dance”.   Mostly they were giving the instructions, except for the tickle mommy’s feet, that was me. Then, at their mother’s requests, they gave each other, their parents, and their baby brother Mr Cuddles, hugs.

Mr Cuddles is getting better at moving around. He can roll over, turn around. He is crawling. Not a pro, but will get the motion going for three or four “crawl-steps”, and then fall forward on his belly, scoot a bit, and then push his butt into the air to start another crawl. His favorite thing to crawl towards: papa’s pink indoor shoes.


2 November, 2009

This morning, Mr Grunty said he wanted to feed his baby brother. Yay! So, after I pried Mr Cuddles from Ms Squeaky’s arms, I sat MrG down, gently laid MrC on his lap, a pillow propping up MrC’s head, and handed the bottle to MrG. Many times I had to remind him to hold the bottle higher. After a few minutes Mr G told me he was done.

I was trying to get us out the house, I had Ms Squeaky at the diaper changing station, and she looked at me, sad, and said, “Papa, wanna go read with Grunty”.  How could I refuse that. So I let her go read. I peaked in their room a few minutes later, and MsS and MrG were sitting on a bed, facing each other, Mr Grunty had a book, was flipping through the pages and telling MsSqueaky what was on each page.

Mr Cuddles had a poo diaper, and was fussy whilst I was changing him, pro’lly because I wasn’t letting him just scoot naked all over. MsSqueaky went over to him, kissed him on the head, “its OK baby guy, baby-guy its OK”, then she looked at me and said, “baby guy owie butt”.

Ms Squeaky has a new super fun game. She tosses a kitty toy, and laughs and jumps with joy when Oliver kitty chases it. She had gotten strong enough for a decent toss, and patient enough for the kitty to go get it. She is so happy when he pounces on the toy.

The other morning, both toddlers wanted to be held and wanted papa to read to them. Mr G got to my lap first. Ms S looked sad for a second, and then dramatically threw her head down onto her arms. Mr G tried to remedy the situation, by pointing to my other leg and saying “sit here Squeak, sit here”.