This morning, Mr Grunty said he wanted to feed his baby brother. Yay! So, after I pried Mr Cuddles from Ms Squeaky’s arms, I sat MrG down, gently laid MrC on his lap, a pillow propping up MrC’s head, and handed the bottle to MrG. Many times I had to remind him to hold the bottle higher. After a few minutes Mr G told me he was done.

I was trying to get us out the house, I had Ms Squeaky at the diaper changing station, and she looked at me, sad, and said, “Papa, wanna go read with Grunty”.  How could I refuse that. So I let her go read. I peaked in their room a few minutes later, and MsS and MrG were sitting on a bed, facing each other, Mr Grunty had a book, was flipping through the pages and telling MsSqueaky what was on each page.

Mr Cuddles had a poo diaper, and was fussy whilst I was changing him, pro’lly because I wasn’t letting him just scoot naked all over. MsSqueaky went over to him, kissed him on the head, “its OK baby guy, baby-guy its OK”, then she looked at me and said, “baby guy owie butt”.

Ms Squeaky has a new super fun game. She tosses a kitty toy, and laughs and jumps with joy when Oliver kitty chases it. She had gotten strong enough for a decent toss, and patient enough for the kitty to go get it. She is so happy when he pounces on the toy.

The other morning, both toddlers wanted to be held and wanted papa to read to them. Mr G got to my lap first. Ms S looked sad for a second, and then dramatically threw her head down onto her arms. Mr G tried to remedy the situation, by pointing to my other leg and saying “sit here Squeak, sit here”.


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