making me happy

You know the answer. It’s my childrens.

The other night, at bedtime, Mr Grunty wanted “papa sing song”. I asked him what he wanted, “ABC”, and when I asked him if he would sing with papa, he said yes. You have to sing slowly, because he can’t remember the words fast enough, but he gets about half of them, with a big smile on his face. I told him goodnight, and he wanted another song, “driving song”. (“Are yu dwiving, are yu dwiving, on de woad, on de woad…”)

That was one he learned from a toy. I didn’t like that toy at all, the song was so annoying, and then my toddlers started to sing along with the “driving song”, and my heart melted and I appreciated the toy. ( I even put up with the randomly selected other annoying songs they had to go through to get to their song.) Then I turned to Ms Sqeaky, “would you like to sing a song with papa?” She smiled a shy little smile and whispered “star”, and we quietly sang “twinkle twinkle little star”. I was very happy, usually she doesn’t sing when her brother is around. (Gee…I’m tearing up a bit now, thinking of it.)

Last night, we finished the big foam coral reef fish puzzle. Then, as celebration, Mr Grunty stood on the foam puzzle and started running in place, “papa stomp”. So, me, Mr G and Ms Squeaky spent the next few minutes playing follow the leader on the puzzle, “touch nose!…touch ears…jump…touch feet…tickle mommy’s feet…dance”.   Mostly they were giving the instructions, except for the tickle mommy’s feet, that was me. Then, at their mother’s requests, they gave each other, their parents, and their baby brother Mr Cuddles, hugs.

Mr Cuddles is getting better at moving around. He can roll over, turn around. He is crawling. Not a pro, but will get the motion going for three or four “crawl-steps”, and then fall forward on his belly, scoot a bit, and then push his butt into the air to start another crawl. His favorite thing to crawl towards: papa’s pink indoor shoes.


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