bad news from Al Jazeera

Oh sports fans…it is good to be passionate about the game. But we must restrain our passions if our passions bring harm to another….I’m looking at you British football hooligans, Lakers-fans-post-NBA-championship, and I’m also looking at Africa. I heard about this from our daycare provider, she told me Egypt & Algeria might be going to war over a soccer match.

So, I investigated.

Thanks to Youtube, and the small video recorders that are ubiquitous, we see that the Algerian team’s bus was attacked after leaving the airport in Cairo.  I don’t care who is visiting you, you make for damn sure they are treated with respect and travel safely. Shame on you Egypt.

Don’t worry, Algeria won the match, thus qualifying for world cup.

And now Egypt has recalled its ambassador to Algeria after World Cup qualifying football matches between the two countries resulted in a number of outbreaks of violence.

Have I mentioned that I don’t like soccer?

…a follow up…I like it when I scoop a story…today, Dec 3rd, Foreign Policy is finally writing about this.


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