childrens stories

Yester-morning, Ms Squeaky and Mr Grunty were sitting on her bed, reading a book. Then Mr G said, “Count it Sque-ey, count it”.

Ms S – “one, too, for, five, six, nine, ten”

Mr G “good job, Sque-ey, good job!”

But don’t worry, earlier that morning, they were fighting on the number of stars.

Mr G “one, too, sicks, sevin, nine, ten”

Ms S “NO! one, too, five, sicks, sevin, ate, eleven, twelve”

Mr Cuddles is crawling all over. But the cute story of the yester-morn, was when I was changing his diaper, and I gave him a small, inflatable basketball to distract him, he had big smile, sticking out his tongue, palming the ball…it was a cute little Micheal Jordon impersonation. He recently has learned the fun of sticking out his tongue, he happened to discover it one night while we were feeding him, and so we had a little freak out that he was having an allergic reaction, to something he had already been eating for a week. He likes that ball, and will chase it around the living room. Aw-yeah…my boy hustles for the rebound!

Phrases from Ms Squeaky

“tord-ler” is for stroller, took a while for us to figure that out, we thought turtle

“Que-guen Muk” is question mark

“Ducky-dooo!!” for the sound a rooster makes

And from tonight, “Spider tastes good!” ….in reference to the sparkling apple cider.


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