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31 December, 2009

Ms Squeaky says “kitchen-yites” when she is referring to the Christmas lights.

Mr Cuddles likes “Ahh”, “thadt” and laughing.

The other morning, Mr Grunty said to me, “Bye papa. I go make a pur-chus. I  purchus a walrus.”

Last night, me and my three children all played the crawling game. Mr Cuddles is very surprised when papa is crawling straight for him, and then papa passes over the top of him.


The Phantom Tollbooth

30 December, 2009

Norton Juster wrote the cute story for children, about Milo, the boy who was bored of everything. Well, Milo goes on a fantastic journey, and he has to rescue Rhyme & Reason from demons in the Mountains of Ignorance to save the kingdom of Wisdom.

I look forward to re-reading this story with my children when they are old enough to appreciate the puns and word play that saturate the story. It was like gnomes wrote the story!

“You mean you have other words?…Well, by all means, use them. You’re certainly not doing very well with the ones you have now.” (pg 205), said the Everpresent Wordsnatcher, who is from a place called Context.

“Just as I suspected…you’re suffering from a severe lack of noise.” (pg 126) said Kakofonous A. Dischord, Doctor of Dissonance.

“On the went, higher and higher up the dizzying trail, on one side of the sheer stone walls and brutal peaks towering above them, and on the other an endless, limitless, bottomless nothing.” (pg 203).

My question…where do sounds go after they’ve been used?

In closing, remember to keep your speeches tasteful, for someday you may have to eat your words.

The True Story of Hansel & Gretel

29 December, 2009

a novel of war and survival by Louise Murphy

Parents, fleeing the Nazis in Poland, purposely abandon their children, because the children have a better chance to live wandering the war-torn countryside.

This book made me want to cry in the first few pages. How would Ms Squeaky & Mr Grunty do taking care of each other, and Mr Cuddles? I know, they couldn’t. But what about eight years from now? They might have a chance then. I know there are places in the world where children have been abandoned because of war, or AIDS, or famine, or shitty parents. It makes me sad.

The book was alright, but as you may guess, depressing considering the topic.

“History is the bookkeeping of murderers” (pg 249)

“God didn’t come down and kill us. I don’t see God shooting children and priests….This is men doing the murdering. Talk to men about their evil, but pray to God. You can’t expect God to come down and do our living for us. We have to do that ourselves.” (pg 207)


28 December, 2009

tonight, as a family, we watched our first movie together.

after dinner, and changes into pajammas, we got some popcorn, sat on the couch, and watched MyBetterHalf’s X-mas gift of “Up” from the good people at Pixar.

The children were entranced. Ms Squeaky got a little bored halfway through, and had to go get her baby, and then lay down on the other sofa under a blanket. Mr Grunty paid attention the whole time. I reached my hand out to him, hoping he would give me popcorn, he put his hand in mine, never taking his eyes off the screen. Mr Cuddles loved it, because he got to play with whatever toy he wanted to, and, then Papa gave him cheerios while holding him, and then after more play, his mommy held him while he had a bottle.

I liked it. My fav part, “I don’t like the cone of shame.”

Mr Grunty said, “Papa it’s a snipe. It’s a big snipe!”

MyBetterHalf, “SQUIRREL!”

After it was done, half an hour past their bedtime, MsSqueaky said, “I wanna watch it again.”

Christmas Day

27 December, 2009

Ms Squeaky woke first, I got up quickly so I could witness the look on her face at what Santa had left. Santa had cleaned up the small table, and put stockings, a set of farm animals, and letters to each of the children, telling them he was happy of their good deeds and that they are good children. Ms Squeaky didn’t notice anything and went over to look at books. I turned on the X-mas lights, hoping that would help. Ms S thought it did help, now she and papa could read books together. Mr Grunty got up a bit later, and he wanted to eat. Luckily they didn’t know there was stockings full of candy.
When Mr Cuddles joined us, Ms Squeaky took a doll to him, “wanna play wit baby? Sit here.”   It makes me smile how much she loves him and enjoys playing with him.
Eventually they did notice that there were farm animals on the table, “It’s a pig!” and “it’s a cow!” exclamations.
When it was time to unwrap presents, they did alright with the unwrapping. But of course, after they saw their new toy, they wanted to play with that, and ignored the rest of the presents.
I hope MyBetterHalf and I didn’t spend too much on them. At their age, they aren’t that materialistic, and I found it funny that when I was shopping, I would see lots of cool stuff that I think they would like. We got the children a small set of farm animals to share, so far, so good on that. Although, Mr Grunty didn’t want Mr Cuddles to have the pig, “he’s too wittle!!”…no, Mr Cuddles can have the pig, it’s too big for him to swallow.  We got them dinosaur hand puppets. And they each got a small dinosaur in their stockings. Ms S got a Tyrannosaurus, Mr G got a Brontosaurus, and Mr C got a Triceratops.
After lunch, we traveled over the freeway and through the city to grandma’s house. (My mommy.) We were taking too long to load the car, and Mr Cuddles was screaming, he wanted to see grandma, and as soon as we backed out of the driveway, Mr Cuddles stopped screaming and enjoyed the ride. In the car drive there, Mr G stayed awake the longest, staring out at the traffic. The childrens like it there, lots of new toys, including a huge bag of big legos. And there’s books to read. Ms S read a few with me, and then whilst on my lap, we listened to grandpa read a book to her. Mr Cuddles spent most of the time either crawling over a pile of legos, or pulling himself up, then while holding on with only one hand, looking all around. Which reminds me of his dancing. When there is music, or even if I’m singing, Mr Cuddles gets a big ole grin, and starts swaying back and forth. But, when he’s on the floor, by himself, sometimes he just gets the music in him, and rises up on his knees and start bouncing up and down, grinning big.
It is amusing, I can get the toddlers to eat more of their vegetables if I feed them. I’ll get a few peas on a spoon, ask, how many, and if there are more than three peas, who knows when they’ll stop counting, usually by fourteen. Then, as I hold the spoon close to them, they quickly chomp forward and get the veggies, and I act all shocked, “Oh my goodness! Where are the peas?”  They answer with a grin, “in my mouth”. We did this at grandma’s.
Of course, I had to play with the legos. Me, Ms Squeaky and Mr Grunty were building a tower. My goal, to make it as tall as possible. By the time they were bored of the project, the tower was sturdy, strong, and almost as tall as MsS. Then I knew we had to hurry, so I just stacked them up, and soon, the tower reached the ceiling. However, I don’t know if I’m a worse engineer or father. It wasn’t sturdy, and the top half, built quickly without much support, fell, and a piece hit Ms Squeaky on top of the head.
I was happy that the toddlers blew kisses to grandparents as we left.
Ms Squeaky had the hood of her jacket arranged so that just here eyes and nose were peaking out, so we aren’t sure when she fell asleep. Mr Grunty stayed awake for many miles, watching the scenery.

Great game, Portland –vs- Denver…and at 11:40 left in the game, Denver up by two. Very glad Kevin Calabraro is announcing. Nice game by Portland with a double digit win!

And one of the strangest commercials I’ve seen in awhile. First, the snowing is floating up. Then, rapping reindeer challenging Santa Claus, LeBron & Kobe to basketball. I am mesmerized, I love this ad. Nike is putting out a nice ad campaign with the LeBron & Kobe puppets. Which is why I don’t want LeBron to ever win the NBA championship. Because he keeps being hailed as a king, but he’s not a champion, it’s just marketing. I keep thinking of Shaq, making fun of the Sacramento Kings saying, “you can’t be a King if you haven’t won a thing”. How does that play out in Cleveland now, Mr O’Neil? Also, it’s evidence the NBA is not endemically rigged, they hate it when San Antonio is in the championship game, because ratings are low. And last time LeBron was in the finals, San Antonio quickly defeated his team.

Christmas Eve

26 December, 2009

Christmas eve, I stayed home with the childrens, whilst MyBetterHalf went to work. But the story begins, as most stories do, the day before.

Ms Squeaky has been having some digestive issues, and so I took her into the doctor on December 23rd, spur of the moment, leaving from work. After our doctor visit, she and I went shopping, because she had not yet bought her mommy a Christmas gift. She had fun having solo time with papa, and was very excited when she saw a weiner-dog in a green sweater, and got lots of kisses from the excited tail wagging pup.
When we went to the daycare, to get her brothers, Mr Grunty excitedly said, “I go to doctor!”

After we put the childrens to bed, I went into work, to finish up a few things before the holiday weekend. Then, later at home, as I was putting my keys away, I noticed, I had the master-keys for work.Drat!

So, Christmas eve, right after we had breakfast, I loaded the childrens into the kidmobile, and we went to Papa’s work, the boys were still in their pajamas. They were very excited to see the construction workers laying cent. And they were happy to see papa had a calendar with pictures of them. And, then they drew me more pictures of artwork to hang up.

Lunch time, since the big table was covered with gifts and Christmas tree. The advantage of a 2 foot tree, is ease of getting more gift than tree. And the toddlers had been playing with puzzles on their table. Ms Squeaky had decided she wanted her booster chair, and carried it out from the bedroom, put it on the big chair, and was starting to climb up. Fortunately I caught her, got her to stop, and I fastened the straps onto the chair. Then Mr Grunty wanted his booster-seat. I told him it was in Mommy & Papa’s bedroom, but he was confused, because he couldn’t find it in our bed. He was very happy when I showed it to him. (I am amused by how they will totally fail a Search or Spot Check.) So, they wanted to sit in the big chairs, so I had to go get a folding table. Later, during lunch, the toddlers found out that pounding on a folding table makes a great noise, and they were having a little drum circle. Mr Cuddles joined in, kicking his high chair, making his cheerios bounce on the tray.

That afternoon, as I was helping Mr Cuddles, Mr Grunty implored a few times, “Papa, HOLP!”. I explained I was busy with MrC. Mr Grunty then turned to his sister, “Scwee-ee holp peas”. She went over to him, he was at his bed, with his pink baby and a diaper. She moved in, and showed him what to do, instructing, “Put dis one like dat, and put dis on de baby.”   I am glad they ask each other for help.

We went to the Tiki Lodge for dinner. I gave Blub a huge hug, because they are going to Utah to adopt a baby!
Oh my goodness, the stress of adoption. They found out there was a baby for them a day ago, and now they have to drop everything and go to Utah. And of course, there is always the chance that the birth mother will change her mind at the last minute. I asked why Utah? And was told that adoption laws differ by state, and the ones in Utah seem to be tilted towards the adoptive parents. I assume the adoption agency told the rules to the birth mother, because she is coming to Utah for the purpose of giving up her baby. I can not imagine the stress of being an adoptive parent, or the agony of giving up a child. Wow.

We went to Church. There was no nursery, because they wanted children to be part of the worship, which I totally dig. And so those attending were warned there could be the small noises of children. Which, seriously, is very appropriate for a worship service about the birth of baby Jesus. There was lots of music. After a nice organ/piano duet, a moment of silence, and then as if they had rehearsed it, Ms Squeaky and Mr Grunty yelled out “YAY!!” and clapped hands. The congregation laughed. I remind everyone of Psalm 47:1 “Oh clap your hands all you peoples! Shout to God with the voice of triumph!”

Happy Ten Months Mr Cuddles

25 December, 2009

…you are having lots of fun with the wrapping paper.

“Poltergeist” by Kat Richardson

24 December, 2009

I liked it. I think book #2 of the Greywalker series is a lot stronger than book #1. The story is more focused, it revolves around one case. The first book revolved around a case, a problem/vampire-coup/romance & intro-to-the-grey-world.

I think a stranger to Seattle, would get an accurate view of the town from the book. There were instructions on how to fake moving tables during a seance.

Fav quote “I’m sure they don’t think an old fart like me knows what they’re up to – your average twenty-year-olds think they invented sex themselves – but I’ve seen that sort of thing before. It’s been the cause of more sorrow and stupidity than drinking and driving.” (pg 178)

What worries me, because of this series, I almost want to get a ferret. The protagonist’s ferret just sounds so cuddly and fun.

Dear Mr Cameron

22 December, 2009


I am told there are thousands of languages on earth that are in the process of going extinct. Might I suggest, to you and your ultra-rich colleagues, that next time you need a different language, instead of hiring someone to make one up, why don’t you use a real language that is rare, and going extinct.

UNESCO has a list of 429 languages that have between 1000 – 5000 speakers. That way, Hollywood would be preserving actual cultures, as opposed to homogenizing everything.

How freaking awesome would it be to have nerds going around attempting to speak Koryak, instead of Klingon, Na’vi or Esperanto?  Although, maybe in today’s day-n-age, people prefer to pretend to do something (GuitarHero, RealDoll, Sims, chess,… ) than actually do it.

I know, the special effects be they makeup, digital, or linguistic are there to serve the story. But, my follow up question, and I do not know because I’ve seen neither film, but I have heard that your Avatar has the same plot as Fern Gully, it this true? And nothing wrong with reusing a plot. I hear Shakespeare did it all the time.

sports on tape

19 December, 2009

Hey Sportsfans, it been a while since we have chatted about Sport.

First, I’m excited that the NBA season is about to start for me. Yes, Dec 25th, when I start paying attention. I don’t really care about the Lakers/Cavs game. Or the Boston/Orlando game…though I know those will be the money makers. I am looking forward to Denver-vs-Portland. Teacher -vs- Student, Super-star -vs- young’uns.

Someone once asked me, if I would watch a game if I knew the score. And now, my answer would be “yes”. Probably for the same reason that people go see Shakespeare plays, or watch reruns. I am entertained by world class athletes doing amazing things. Which is pro’lly why I don’t care for college ball, they’re amateurs, and sometimes it shows.