oops, I did it again

Hey sports fans, I to finishing NaNoWriMo on the 29th. But I never charted out a pace chart for 1,724 wpd.

by the numbers

  • 17 days better than 1667 words
  • Thursdays, worst day, averaged 1025 words
  • Mondays, best days, averaged 2388
  • worst day, Thurs, Nov 5th – 170 words
  • best day, Monday, Nov 30th – 5917 words
  • at 9PM, Mon, Nov 30 – I needed 1559 words per hour to finish

Our good friend at IndecisiveRamblings asked if it was a tough last day. No, it wasn’t. I did most of that writing after we put the childrens to bed, (thanxies to MyBetterHalf for wrestling them back into their beds. Multiple times).   I didn’t think I would be able to finish, Sunday, Nov 29th was very unproductive on the writing front (but good on family visit, and finish a work project), so I didn’t really care. I felt good about my progress, liked my story enough, …what kept me going, was hoping that it would help Seattle stay #1 in words written.  I also thought it would be sort of funny if I didn’t win by only a couple hundred words. There was very little stress for me last night.

I had lots of crazy fun back in 2005, my first time, and it was a serious adrenalin rush as I was finishing.

2006, a bunch of my friends were inspired by me and they won. I participated, didn’t finish.

2007, after seeing how much fun my friends had, I wanted to do it again. It wasn’t fun. It was a chore. I knew I could do it, so there was no excitement.

This year? I had a lot of fun. I did most work on bus commute, and after I did dishes after putting the childrens to bed.  It was low stress, because I knew I could do it, and I would stay up late on TheFacebook encouraging a good friend from high school who I talked into participating. I am happy to say that she finished way back on the 27th.

And it all started for me, because of my favorite movie critic, The Filthy Critic, challenged his readers back in 2005.


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